Aloha, I am Beth Daniel Jones the founder of Best Healing Solutions. Best Healing Solutions, if you don’t know, is the finest work in remote energy medicine around the world, to help people clear any issue rapidly and effectively. I want to talk to you today about Epstein Barr Virus. One of our expertises at Best Healing Solutions is finding and helping your system completely eradicate viral frequencies. Viruses are responsible for so many chronic issues that we see on a daily basis. I would say viruses are probably the number one issue that is blocking people’s healing. Because of people’s dietary choices and other life choices their system is not able to clear those viruses on its own without additional input from our techniques.

One of the things that people often call with is a history of Epstein Barr Virus. They’ve had blood tests done, they chronically are ill, they don’t feel well. They have a blood test in their hand that says, “Well, I had Epstein Barr Virus at some point in my life, because I show the antibodies for it on this test.” Okay, that means they have had the Epstein Barr Virus. However, what it also means is nine times out of ten, maybe more, it is still in their system causing problems and they don’t know it and their doctor doesn’t know it.

At Best Healing Solutions, we have a way of showing the body where the viral energy is that is blocking healing. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s effective. We can do it with our eyes closed and help you really rapidly to find, and for your body to see, where are these viral issues that are still blocking your healing?

The Epstein Barr Virus goes through different stages. The stage that it’s when you have mono, let’s say, is one stage of the virus, but just because you feel better after the mono is over doesn’t mean the virus is gone. Bear with me and believe me on that one. Give us a call if you’ve had Epstein Barr Virus and you still do not feel good, you are chronically fatigued or feel awful and you’re not sure why, give us a call and let us test and see, is that Epstein Barr Virus still causing you a problem? More than nine times out of ten the answer will be yes. Thank you.

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