HS Select Program

The highest level of mentoring in energy medicine.

For Those Who Solely Want To Learn

The mission of the Healing Solutions Select Program is to provide learners with the highest level of mentoring in energy medicine. Among other things this includes HS scans, healthy boundaries, personal growth, and consciousness work. The Select Program is for curious students with a lot of questions about the healing work. We love answering those questions that are just gnawing at your heart. This is cutting edge material in that the discussion will go beyond the information presented in our store products. So bring it!

Two Primary HS Select Components

The Introductory Module

Taught by Dr. Tom Miller, Senior Healing Solutions Practitioner each month. Students will have the opportunity for a 45-minute personal session with Dr. Miller—but there’s more. Students can also participate in a 90-minute workshop consisting of an open forum where attendees are able to call in as part of a group session via the HS conference line.

Students may opt to participate solely in the group call without a personal session for a lower fee. The prerequisite for this module is to have successfully mastered one of the self-testing methods in Truth Techniques.

The Advanced Module

A monthly opportunity to join our founder Beth Daniel Jones and a group of like-minded clients for a 90-minute workshop via the HS conference line. This includes a 45-minute personal session with Beth. Like the Introductory Module students, those in the Advanced Module will have the option of purchasing only the conference call.

Besides Truth Techniques, prerequisites for the Advanced Module include an understanding of the Reconnection & Physical Scan, Curtain Scan, Cell Surface Receptor Scan, Advanced Trauma Scan, and the Seat of Consciousness Scan. If you are unsure whether you qualify for the advanced module, please contact Beth at beth@besthealingsolutions.com.

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