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Cancellation Fee & Appointments outside of Regular Business Hours

  • Calls taken by practitioners outside of regular hours are billed at 1.5 times regular rates
  • A $50 cancellation fee applies if a client fails to notify their practitioner of an intent to cancel a session prior to midnight the day beforehand, based on the time zone of the practitioner’s location

Session Information

After completing the Session Request Form and New Client History Form, text, email or call your Practitioner of Choice. Your Practitioner will contact you to set up your initial BHS phone session!

What They Are Saying

"...I just want to thank you for giving me a “new dog", that seems to love life so much more!"

– Kathy

"...so I'm a poster board for QT!!! What can I say!!!"

– Donna

"Thank you for teaching me that amazing skill! It is incredibly empowering to see it working first hand and by my own hands!"

– Heidi

"Before, I was just surviving and hoping the Lord would take me home because life was so tough. I now feel like I have a life that is worth living."

– Keren

"I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to Beth.... It has been a remarkable journey filled with more delights and joy than I can discuss in this statement."

– Jackie

"After I worked with Dr. Miller, it took just 24 hours and a physical issue I had been dealing with for about 13 years disappeared!"

– Jessie

"After much skepticism and waiting to try this type of work, I wish I had done it when I first knew about it."

– C.A.

"My passion is to become a practitioner and help people through their healing journey. I just wish I would have found QT sooner!"

– Tania

"I wish I could somehow express the depth of gratitude for your help last night and over the last year or so. And I can't adequately ever say how grateful I am. I'm weepy with joy today. I can't say you've given me my life back because it felt like I never had a life; so much of my life has felt like a living hell. It feels like all my life I've been running from pain and fear and trying to hold "it" together."

– L

"This is very exciting!!! My heart is full and ready to get on with this healing process! Thank you for making such a huge difference in my life, Beth!"

– S.H.

Step One: Fill Out Session Request Form

Getting Started

The goal of your session with an BHS Practitioner is to find and clear all physical and nonphysical issues blocking your healing as effectively and rapidly as possible. The practitioner asks specific questions and uses self-muscle testing and intuition to find these blocks and energetically corrects whatever they find during the session. At the end of the session, you are given a healing code, which is a series of unique acupressure points for your issue(s). Each time you re-read the code, you are healing yourself and re-activating the work that was done with you over the phone with your practitioner. You may read the healing code an unlimited number of times per day.

Healing Code

As with all of our work, if your body doesn’t need the healing information in the code, it will ignore it. You can read the code as often as you like. If you are reading a code consistently, and it no longer feels effective, then you may have additional blocks to healing and may or may not need a new code. Self-testing or calling a practitioner will give you the answer you need to find the missing piece of information. Reading the code over time will often reveal something deeper that has been blocking the issue for which you are seeking help or may reveal another unrelated issue.   


Some problems are more complex and longstanding than others. However, very intense, even life-long problems, are helped dramatically in one session. Often what seems like a series of different problems is actually only one problem! When we find the nonphysical and physical blocks you experience rapid relief from what once was the problem. Let us work together to search for the physical, emotional, spiritual, toxin-related, relational, frozen trauma fields, false beliefs, generational vulnerabilities, and conscious/unconscious conflicts that are blocking your healing—and bring you back to yourself! 

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