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Best Healing Solutions is proud to acknowledge our Mastery members who have earned Level 1 BHS Proficient and Level 2 BHS Certified status within the program, along with a select few who have continued on to Level 3 by becoming Master BHS Practitioners!

Level 1 graduates have proven themselves as competent in their abilities to understand and perform the foundational principles of practicing BHS. Being Level 2 Certified means that graduates have achieved a level where they have an advanced and evolving understanding of BHS to the point where they qualify for attending the annual in-person BHS training.


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Level 3 Master BHS Practitioner

Sarah Westerway

Sarah has been so pleased with how BHS sessions have helped her and her family so she decided that she would learn the self-muscle testing techniques for herself. In 2020 during isolation, she decided it was time to take her learning to the next level and successfully completed the Level 1 exams with Best Healing Solutions. Then, after progressing through the required Level 2 classes and exams, in the fall of 2021 Sarah fulfilled one of her goals, becoming the first BHS practitioner in Australia!
More About Sarah

Sarah and her husband along with their two children live in NSW, Australia. Sarah is a High School Teacher at a large coastal school. She graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor in Agriculture and a Bachelor in Secondary Teaching. She loves being able to teach students outside of the classroom setting, and loves seeing her students learn how to be more self-sufficient.

Growing up on a farm, there was a distance to medical care, so most of the time ailments were treated naturally, with the help of her Aunty who was a naturopath. One of her favorite healing stories is how her Aunty healed her sister’s broken ankle with energy medicine, so she was able to do her debutante ball 2 weeks after the accident. This enforced the validity of this type of work in Sarah’s mind, and she knew that it was a powerful healing modality.

Sarah’s mother was always looking for alternative treatments to help with whatever issues they had as children and is herself a big advocate of energy medicine.

Before being a client of Best Healing Solutions Sarah would get severe belly aches every time she ate, and she was finding it very hard to eat out at restaurants. Regardless of what she ate she would always get sick.

When Sarah called Dr Carolee Johnson for their first session Carolee found many toxins in Sarah’s diet. As soon as Sarah avoided these, and cleaned up her environment, there were no more belly aches. When Sarah and her husband decided to start a family, they had a clean diet and environment but Sarah was still having issues falling pregnant. Sarah contacted Beth who did only a couple of sessions before Sarah successfully became pregnant. Beth delved into the physical and non-physical issues that were affecting Sarah, and her inability to become pregnant. Majority of the issues were non-physical and once Sarah moved past these it enabled her body to carry a very healthy full-term baby. Sarah’s first child had her own personal session in-utero and continues to have sessions along with their second child who was conceived with absolutely no problems. Sarah sees more of a shift in her children then herself at times because they often don’t have the attachments we have as adults, and their issues are often easily cleared. Both Beth and Carolee have treated Sarah’s children for various issues including:


  • Dietary intolerances and food testing
  • Sleep issues
  • Misbehaviour
  • Severe nail biting
  • Constipation
  • A broken arm (which didn’t need a full cast and the doctors were very impressed with how quickly it healed)
  • Issues with traveling in the car
  • OCD

Level 3 Master BHS Practitioner

Laura Bailey 

Laura Keeler Bailey is a Registered Nurse and received her Nursing degree from Our Lady of the Lake College in Louisiana. Her specialty areas were Labor/Delivery and Oncology. She has been a BCIA certified Neurobiofeedback Practitioner since 2005, working with children and adults diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, addictions, anxiety, autism, depression, ODD, panic attacks, PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. Laura has progressed through Levels 1 and 2 of the BHS Practitioner Mastery Program over the last couple of years to become the first American student to graduate from the program in 2021!
More About Laura

Laura has received advanced training in Quantum Biofeedback and Health Kinesiology, and has additional studies in EFT and TBA ( total body analysis).

In 2017 she began exploring new opportunities in Energy Medicine, pursuing the passion God had laid on her heart for alternative healing. Best Healing Solutions and Quantum Techniques were answered prayers for her as she was on her own healing journey trying to heal from digestive and thyroid disorders, and multiple chemical sensitivities.

As she learned more about this work, she realized it encompassed many aspects of her previous years of training/education in the healthcare industry and experience with inner healing ministries, as it addresses the person on all levels spiritually, emotionally, and physically. To her surprise, she found that healing usually happens in that order!

She is constantly amazed by the fact that our beliefs about ourselves, others, and God, truly governs our physical reality and health. She is excited to continue to grow and expand in revelation and understanding of how we have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

Level 2 Certified

Eduardo Ramos Ruiz

Eduardo’s ten year journey to reclaim his health from a bedridden state granted an opportunity to discover energy medicine and multiple healing techniques. He saw over 100 doctors, practitioners and healers without success, but with the help of Best Healing Solutions/Quantum Techniques and other energy modalities, he reclaimed his health and caste aside the crutches, walker, cane and tilt-recline wheelchair. He earned certificates in Purebioenergy Healing, Master Dowser and Energy Healer, and Best Healing Solutions.
More About Eduardo

For 16 years he previously worked as a Laboratory Technician, Clean Room Supervisor, Safety Manager and Micro-fabrication Coordinator at the University of Southern California (USC) in the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and earned an MFA from the New School University in New York and resides in Los Angeles. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve. In 2020 he founded to help people discover true health and their life purpose, as an Intuitive Life Coach.

Level 1 Proficient

Christi Tracy

Christi is a 500 hour experienced registered yoga teacher (500ERYT) who has a passion for healing in many forms including reiki and many energy modalities. She has a BA in Business and has a yoga teacher training school (Grow Yoga) where she has successfully trained over 100 yoga teachers. As a yoga life coach and mindfulness teacher, she is in her true joy when she helping others on their healing journey. The methods she has learned in BHS have been next level! And she’s excited about where this is going for her and those who will benefit.

Level 3 Certified

Kim Smith

At a young age I discovered that I had a passion for helping people. Before I could drive (at 15) I began my foray into the helping professions as a transporter in a hospital physical therapy department. At 16 I began working in a nursing home after school and I worked summers at camps for special needs children. I continued those jobs throughout high school and during college summers.

While I was away at college I trained as a specialized child care provider and cared for kids with challenges such as cerebral palsy and schizophrenia. I studied occupational therapy in college; although I have worked in almost every area possible as an OT (orthopedics, cardiac rehab, comprehensive rehab, neurological rehab, home health and return to work programs), I specialized in pediatrics and psychiatry.

More About Kim
In 1988 my husband and I lost our first child to still birth. In 1989, our second daughter, April, was born 10 weeks prematurely and nearly died. Needing to help my daughter with chronic health needs and with behavioral challenges stemming from her prematurity (and after having my life and my priorities completely changed after these life events), I was inspired to begin my career as a healer and a teacher. I became certified through the International Network for Children and Families as a Parent Educator in 1995, and I teach INCAF’s “Redirecting Children’s Behavior Course”. Because families of special needs children often need additional, specialized tools, I also trained in “Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach”, in Dr. Ross Greene’s “The Explosive Child”, as well as in Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. I’ve received extensive training in Heartmath, as well as a variety of other heart-centered healing modalities; I am currently in the certification process as aTruama-Sensitive Heartmath Practitioner. I became a Reiki Master; hold a certification in Essential Oil Therapy, have studied and practiced Flower Essence Therapy, and studied for three years at the Connection to Wholeness Healing School. I am also certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code.
As many of my clients struggle with painful feelings they can’t shake, relationship or parenting issues, painful experiences or illnesses that they are not healing from, I have continued to add treatment modalities to my practice. I am certified in Havening Techniques which comes from the term ‘safe haven’ or to put in a safe place. Havening is a touch modality that helps with acute or persistent painful events or emotions and it is based in neuo-science. Pre-pandemic, Havening could be applied from the practitioner to the client, and it is VERY effective done remotely with the client utilizing self-Havening. I am also a certified TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) Practitioner. TAT also utililzes the meridian system and is such a gentle yet powerful touch modality. The TAT touch is done by the client with the practitioner guiding. I have also been studying IEP or intention tapping. IEP is so masterful at helping folks release long held emotional attachments to ideas, events, people and the like. So much healing can happen with freedom from emotional attachments!
Recently I’ve also received training and am working toward certification in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy for couples and families. I’ve personally participated in other forms of couple’s therapy and wish I’d known about RLT at that time as it is the most effective method I’ve experienced. In my experience, it goes hand in hand with RCB in that it really teaches folks how to be with each other in a way where safety and intimacy and ease and harmony are facilitated. It also helps people see so clearly the ways they are sabotaging their relationships (which they often can’t see on their own). RLT teaches and helps folks practice Relational Mindfulness. In it, folks learn to be really present with themselves while simultaneously being present with another. When triggered, many people can only be present to themselves and not their partner, or some folks abandon themselves and try to placate their partner for fear of relationship abandonment. These same principles can be applied in other relationships as well.
After struggling personally with anxiety after a traumatic accident, I began studying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and later became a Certified Practitioner in EFT. EFT is so helpful for so many folks; I would often read on their website many stories such as the man who was healed of a life long phobia of flying by someone who had read a few pages of the free downloaded EFT manual and tapped on the phobic man for 15 minutes in a crowded airport. What I discovered quickly was that the majority of my clients had more complex needs; many of them would feel great for a day or 2 after an EFT session but would quickly have symptoms again. I was searching for something more comprehensive for them and fortunately, I found Quantum Techniques/Best Healing Solutions. Best Healing Solutions held the missing piece for those clients whose treatments would not ‘hold’ for more that a few days. The foundational principle is that ‘what the body can see, it can heal’. So, in chronic issues of all kinds, there are some blocks to the body’s healing intelligence seeing the issue and healing it. Best Healing Solutions helps the client’s body ‘see’ the issue, release the blocks (usually pathogens, toxins and/or emotional pain/false beliefs) and then the person can begin healing. I have also personally had remarkable healing results with BHS and have grown so much as a healer from my Best Healing Solutions training.  I have been able to help people with cardiac issues, cancer, Covid/Long Covid, depression, anxiety, organ failure, traumatic brain injury and so much more with Best Healing Solutions. 
In my career, I’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of people: individuals, parents, couples, children, and families, and I feel truly blessed to be entrusted with supporting people in their physical healing, parenting, their marriages/partnerships and with healing emotions and trauma.  I am thrilled and honored to have achieved this level of proficiency in Best Healing Solutions!

Level 1 Proficient

Mary Badwey

Working with neurologically handicapped students was Mary’s first step in launching a career in special education. She went on to serve for 18 years as a resource specialist, assisting learning disabled and their teachers at the elementary and high school levels.
Struggling with intestinal issues awakened her interest in healthy nutrition and natural healing remedies which she studied and experimented with as a long-time hobby. Those efforts culminated in earning her certification in health coaching from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Conducting her first workshop soon afterwards in 2016 proved to be delightful and rewarding.
In 2007 she attended a Quantum Techniques presentation and over the next 15 years experienced the remarkable benefits of energy healing sessions. Mary aspires to apply all her learning and skills towards helping others on the journey of reaching their health goals.

Level 3 Master BHS Practitioner

Puja Shah

Puja is a qualified dietician and nutritionist and gold medalist at University. She was looking for help with her daughter’s health and that’s when she found the Best Healing Solutions modality to be so helpful. She was very pleased with the improvements through the healing sessions.

Since then she went ahead and learned truth techniques herself with no intention of going any further. It was so helpful since she applied the techniques learned in day to day life which only got better with every time she practiced. She used the truth techniques in every aspect including testing foods, choosing a route and using the skill to make decisions on a professional front.

In December 2021 she was guided to learn further as she had then completed level 1 under the guidance of Best Healing Solutions and Beth, for whom she has so much gratitude.

Level 2 Certified

Rhonda Gustafson

Rhonda Gustafson is a Registered Nurse and a HypnoBirthing Educator. She’s worked with many people in hospitals with chronic illnesses on a medical telemetry unit and is currently working in a rehab hospital. Her passion in healing began when a patient with multiple physical ailments was also suffering some mental and emotional health issues that were not being addressed. Talking with this person she realized that she wanted to be in a position where she could help this person in a more complete way.
She was ecstatic to find Best Healing Solutions. After studying and practicing meditation for a couple of years and watching many healing testimonials she was fascinated with the mind’s ability and decided energy medicine was the right path for her. Her own experience working with Carolee and Beth helped her feel the shift that happens on an energetic level which she believes will give her the foundation for physical healing. She is also amazed at the ability to detect problems at the earliest stages and bring health risks to the client’s awareness so they can make the choices they need to to stay healthy.

Level 2 Certified

Samir Sultan Ali

Samir’s journey in the alternative healing arts started in 1997 when he was being treated for a hyperthyroidism. After a year of medication with no change in his condition, he came across acupressure and within 3 weeks, he was able to cure himself. This made him hungry to learn more healing modalities so that he could also help others. He got his Reiki attunement, learned Ton Ren, Chakra Healing, Magnet Therapy, etc. and also went through a Consultant training program with Bob Proctor, but he still felt that something was missing. In 2020, while completing his certification as an Emotional Success Coach, he was introduced to the Best Healing Solutions modality and felt that this was the missing piece he was looking for. Since then, Samir has been using his new found skills to help his friends and family members.

Level 3 Master BHS Practitioner

Kathleen Taplin

Kathleen became introduced to energy/healing work as a client over a decade ago. In her healing journey to overcome physical and emotional challenges and seek vitality, she benefited from the following modalities: EFT, NAET, acupuncture, Biofield Tuning, Emotion and Body Code, and Quantum Techniques. Her healing journey culminated with the discovery of Best Healing Solutions, having done extensive work in the past with Dr. Carolee Johnson and Beth Daniel Jones.

The healing and knowledge she received throughout this journey were instrumental in her decision to pursue the art of being a healing practitioner herself. After initially receiving certification in Emotion/Body Code, Kathleen found immense satisfaction and joy in helping others with challenges and/or long standing ailments.

Kathleen’s incessant quest for knowledge in multiple aspects in life is apparent by her professional career accomplishments. These began with working as a Certified Nurse’s Aide in high school, becoming a Commercial Airline pilot for a major airline, and teaching elementary school grades 1-5 with an MA in education. All of these past and present experiences have given her the opportunity to raise her level of awareness and hone her skills in relating to people of various backgrounds, occupations, and age groups. 

Kathleen is very excited and grateful for all the knowledge and experience she has gained through Level 1 and 2 certification with Best Healing Solutions. She is eager to embark on the next portion of her professional journey, Level 3 certification. While life’s challenges can be different for all people, Kathleen feels God has given us the potential to live as our highest selves, regardless of our current state. Upon completion of Level 3 certification, Kathleen will be even better equipped to facilitate each client on their journey and to allow them to live their truest life.


Level 3 Certified

Andrea Johnson

I was inspired as a young girl to pursue the field of psychology knowing that I would eventually get into energy medicine like my mother, Dr. Carolee Johnson. After obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Behavioral Science, I was introduced to Functional Neurology and its importance when working with children with developmental delays, Autism, ADHD and other behavioral disorders. I soon became certified in Functional Neurology and have worked with a variety of special needs children and adults ranging in age from infants to 76 years for the past 6 years. Working with these special needs children and adults, I realized that I could only go so far in what I was doing and decided to transition to energy medicine. Because I have watched my mother in the same field for 12 years, I caught on easily, however I still continue my studies and strive to reach the level that she is on.




Recently Passed Level 1! More details coming soon.

Carla Wiseman

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