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$5 (USD)/Minute

Initial 60 minute session flat fee of $200 (USD) for first time Best Healing Solutions clients

About Sarah


Sarah completed her Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Agriculture in 2011 and was an Agriculture Teacher on the South Coast of NSW, Australia where she still lives today. Sarah grew up on a farm in the Central West of NSW and loves taking her children back to the country to visit her family for holidays. Sarah’s parents were the first to introduce her to natural medicine and they sought alternatives to western medicine when Sarah was diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia as a child. Sarah’s aunty was a naturopath and used to practice kinesiology. Sarah loved the work that her aunty did to help with various ailments, although as a child she didn’t really understand the true concept of energy medicine, but knew it worked! Sarah was given the details of Quantum Techniques by her sister in 2008 and set up her first session with Carolee Johnson, a Best Healing Solutions Master Practitioner. Sarah could not believe how effective it was. Sarah continued to do personal sessions and then decided to learn the work for herself in 2020 when the opportunity for study arose. Sarah successfully graduated from the BHS Mastery Program in 2021 and is now a Master Practitioner with Best Healing Solutions.

Sarah’s Healing Story

Sarah had severe belly aches for years and could not get to the bottom of it. Regardless of the kinds of diets, Sarah would try, nothing seemed to work. When Sarah was given the details of Quantum Techniques, she sought the help of Carolee Johnson to get to the bottom of it. Carolee found, despite having negative coeliac tests, that Sarah was toxic on wheat along with other foods such as dairy and soy. Sarah made these changes to her diet and the bellyaches cleared. As Sarah did more sessions she uncovered lots of non-physical issues. Sarah’s aunty had passed away and her death impacted Sarah beyond ways that she consciously recognized. She didn’t trust anyone else with treating her naturally and was struggling to accept that her aunty was no longer there to help. Once the blocks to healing occurred Sarah was then able to move past the insecurity and trust issues and open up to receiving help from others. When Sarah and her husband decided to become parents it was not as straightforward as they had hoped. Sarah had infertility issues that were not showing physically on any medical tests. It was with the help of the Practitioners at Best Healing Solutions that Sarah was able to clear the blocks to fertility, which were all non-physical, and had a healthy pregnancy. Her second child was conceived on the first try! Sarah’s children are constantly getting treatments from the Best Healing Solutions Practitioners, and have been helped with issues such as:

  • Dietary intolerances and food testing
  • Sleep issues
  • Behavior problems
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nail-biting
  • Constipation
  • Fungal issues
  • Broken bones
  • Issues with traveling in the car
  • OCD
  • Colds/viruses

Sarah finds that now she has addressed toxins in her family’s life that they are rarely sick, and she uses BHS to test for foods and refines their diet based on what tests good for everybody individually.

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After completing the Session Request Form and New Client History Form, text, email or call your Practitioner of Choice. Your Practitioner will contact you to set up your initial BHS phone session!

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