This is the second of a four-part series about Spirituality and Consciousness and how these relate to Best Healing Solutions (BHS), and to the healing of disease. The information presented is based on an interview conducted with Beth Daniel Jones, founder of BHS, by Maryann Breukelman, who lives and writes in rural Canada. She has written a novel, The Secret Bookstore, and is currently working on a new work of fiction.

As an aside, changes that people make in their diet, water, cleaning products, supplements and exercise are also important to healing. However, this series of blogs will primarily focus on the spiritual and consciousness aspect of healing.

Part Two

What are Consciousness and Spirituality?

Beth defines consciousness as coming into the present moment; it requires being awake and aware of things in the Now; it means not living in the past that is finished or the future that is yet to happen. Consciousness is needed to be a spiritual person because to be spiritual is to recognize that the only moment to meet Spirit is in the present. It is not by reading about God, or thinking about him or remembering something in the past. It is only found in the presence of this moment.

What does spirituality mean? It is a connection to Spirit, or God or the Divine. Connecting to this Spirit, leads to developing a new way of life. In the process, a person really becomes a “spiritual being having a physical experience.” Bruce Lipton and others scientists believe that 95% of people’s behaviour is unconscious. So, for a person to go on a spiritual journey requires them to become conscious, to be fully aware and awake, to observe self and others. As people become awake and aware, they will be more fully in the present moment. They will see, hear and notice the messages God is sending twenty-four hours a day.

The level of self—the fearful self— living in old traumas and old beliefs, is the level that led to the disease. So, Beth explains that something higher is needed to help solve the problem. Or said another way, the level of thought that created the problem, cannot heal it; positive thoughts or affirmations are not enough to lead to healing. This is a truth agreed upon by other spiritual teachers, like Carolyn Myss, who state that a higher power is needed.

Again, this all might sound good in theory, but how do people actually do this in practice?

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