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Listen to Beth on “Help for Hashimoto’s” Podcast with Stephanie Ewals, NTP.

How to heal your body with your mind, with Beth Daniel Jones of Healing Solutions

by Stephanie Ewals

Listen to Healing Solutions’ Podcast:

Basic Information for Kalyani’s Level 1A Muscle Testing Class

Listen to Love & Healing Solutions with Beth & Gil Podcast:

Recovering from addiction with guest healer Laura Bailey


The 5 Invaders We All Have That Put Mega Stress On Our Immune Systems (And What You Can Do About It)

How to Manage Stress With Healing Solutions

Healing COVID 19 and What Isolation Does to Us – Soul Infused Monday #139

How to Recover from Addiction & Anxiety with the Power of Energy Medicine – Soul Infused Monday #128

Learn About Healing Solutions Muscle Testing Online Class with Kalyani

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