What They Are Saying

Using Best Healing Solutions Successfully with Others

I’m having a 95% success rate using what I’ve learned from Best Healing Solutions while helping others, typically with 15 minute sessions, with issues such as loss of appetite, malaria, and typhoid fever. The interesting thing is that my patients recover fully. Anyone familiar with malaria knows that recovery from it takes a minimum of one week and can linger for a couple of weeks. Recently, I used Best Healing Solutions on someone via telephone that had neck pain, and she was pleasantly surprised when her pain disappeared instantly.

— J.F., Texas

Respiratory Virus


I just wanted to thank you tremendously for speaking with and being there for me when I was in a dark place with COVID. You are special and I truly appreciate you. Please be safe. People need you.

— Cliff, USA

Respiratory Virus + Insomnia

In March of 2020 at the beginning of the Corona crisis in my country, I unfortunately got infected by this Covid 19 virus. One of the symptoms I experienced was shortness of breath and a heavy pressure on my breast, an annoying pain in my throat, weak muscles and a heavy body, becoming tired very soon. Fortunately I could stay out of the hospital but these symptoms were going up and down for months. Each time when I was trying to build up my condition, with a walk in the woods or some stretching exercises, the symptoms would become worse again, lasting for 2 or 3 days at least. This gave me a frustrated and depressed feeling and also scared me because of the pressure in my lungs and on my breast making it often hard to breath. The doctor couldn’t do anything so I went to an acupuncturist and a special soundhealing which helped a bit. In the meantime I heard from a very enthusiastic friend about Best Healing Solutions. First I hesitated because no insurance would compensate the costs. I started with the clearing codes on the website, which helped me but not enough to really heal myself. Too often I had the feeling of not really living anymore, only surviving, so I decided to try this therapy and get in touch with Kalyani on the other side of the world. Amazing how distance disappears during those wonderful healing calls with her. Even when she did a toxin clearing without calling, I immediately could feel it, taking pressure, pain, depression and other bad feelings away! It made me very grateful that such an amazing therapy exists that really works!
The first time Kalyani tested many things, supplements, all kind of products I use in my house or on my body. She gave me new diet advice for a chronic bowel disease I have, taking into account my allergies to all kinds of food and other products.

I also asked her help for a severe insomnia I was suffering for many years, combined with an overactive bladder, mostly during the night. This started at a very young age already with a bladder infection. She worked on this at the same time, testing what came up at that moment, looking at the physical and emotional aspects, always being so focused and dedicated, testing all organs, teeth and cranial nerves. It’s so holistic and all inclusive, it gave me real support after searching so many years to find a way to heal these chronic complaints. Her healing work was giving me hope again to get a healthy life finally. So the good thing Corona brought me was the need to really change something in my life and start with this great healing therapy. Very soon after we started I felt relief from many of the Corona symptoms, like in the lungs and throat, and I was depressed less often, gaining more and more trust that I could become well again.

— Savita from The Netherlands, Europe

Hemorrhagic Stroke

It is not an exaggeration to say that Beth and the Best Healing Solutions team helped save my mother’s life when she had a hemorrhagic stroke. She suffered a stroke while on a flight from the US to England. Due to the critical nature of her condition, the plane diverted to Ireland, and she spent the next three months in a hospital under close medical care. But luckily, because Best Healing Solutions can work remotely, I was able to start treatments for her the same day she entered the hospital. My mom’s condition was volatile, greatly worrying our entire family, and her system was susceptible to foods, medications, and even smells in the hospital. With Beth’s guidance, we quickly identified what foods and medications she should avoid so her body could be in an ideal state for healing. Seeing the immediate impact of making changes to her helped tremendously to reduce our family’s anxiety, which helped my mother to have positive energy around her. 

One of the most significant benefits of working with Best Healing Solutions was our ability to work through the many layers of issues to treat the root causes of the stroke. Her body was very receptive to the treatments and new protocols, and both my mom and dad are still following the diet and supplement protocol identified by Best Healing Solutions. I cannot recommend Best Healing Solutions enough – without their help, my mom would not have recovered to the point where she is now!

Courtney S., Seattle


Chronic Conditions:

Belly Aches

For as long as I remember, I have suffered with belly aches. The older I get, the more I have had “issues” with food. I recently had an initial appt with Sarah and cannot believe the change in one month. My doctor referred me to an Immunologist, however, the success that I have had with Sarah looks as though that appt won’t be needed. My second appt picked up a few more problem areas and moving forward should see an even better result for my belly.

Shelley, Australia

Chronic Conditions:

Kidney Function

Dr Carolee Johnson was our only hope when my almost 2-year old son’s kidney function was rapidly declining. Western medical doctors were not interested in trying to provide extra support to his only kidney; they were merely waiting for it to fail and started preparing him and us for the idea of transplant. I knew that I needed to find alternative healing in order to not only better support the function he had left, but to also try to increase it with more healthy tubules. Carolee did everything to identify and eliminate anything that was toxic or just not beneficial for him. We changed our detergent, started buying all organic, and worked with reciting a special code built just for him with the Chinese meridians he needed. My husband still says the code every single night and we have had it upgraded from time to time with Carolee. My son went from only 18% function to 25%, and he will be 4 this month. Look outside the box, believe in amazing doctors who are aligned with your interests, have faith, and believe in miracles. Thank you, Carolee, from the bottom of our hearts 💕 –The Rodrigues Family

Chronic Conditions:

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, IBS and Thyroid Issues

Prior to coming to energy healing, this client was given multiple diagnoses such as: chronic fatigue, low thyroid, fibromyalgia, depression, pituitary dysfunction, post vaccine peripheral neuropathy, and IBS.

This work has truly been a blessing in my life. After much skepticism and waiting to try energy work, I wish I had done it when I first knew about it. Waiting only took six months longer for me to begin transforming my health. I basically lost six months of my life trying to justify to others and myself how and why it works. Then I just did it!!! What did I have to lose? Nothing… I was at a place in my life that I had nothing without my health. I have had amazing results. I always did what I needed to with supplementation, and dietary changes, but it was not until the past traumas and internal work were uncovered that I sped up the process. So just last month after working with Beth, I went back to the doctor’s office and was given my blood results. On paper, within three months, my results changed. My Epstein Barr virus that was active and extremely high was now within normal limits. My white blood cell count that was low, now within normal limits, my coagulation defect undetected, and my Natural Killer cell (immune system) went from 21 to 50. Now that is amazing! So for all those skeptics… with energy healing, the recommended dietary changes, supplementation, and drinking Kangen water my results have been proven on paper. Thank you Beth for working with me, teaching me and guiding me along this journey within my life. –C.A., United States

Chronic Conditions:

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Tick-borne Infections and Virus Overload

I have been working with Cheri Armstrong for a while now and I am very grateful for her and for the healing modalities that Best Healing Solutions employs and teaches. My autoimmune disease with tick-borne infections, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and virus overload was not getting any better, even though I was treated by Holistic Integrative MD’s, an herbalist, a chiropractor, a dietician, a Reiki practitioner, and a Body Code practitioner. I was at my wit’s end ready to give up all hope. 

We have a ways to go still , but I am already experiencing some big shifts and my hope is being restored. It also helps my family, both those who came before and those who are my progeny, because of ancestral DNA work. Furthermore, Cheri has a wonderful personality and  I am deeply grateful to the Creator who led me to her. –Ingrid Fischer, Massachusetts, USA

Chronic Pain and Fatigue

To put it in one sentence, my work with the Daniels has given me my life back. I have struggled with physical issues all my life but 20 years ago my health worsened dramatically. I had sudden attacks of pain that were so debilitating that I couldn’t move or hardly breathe. I just wanted anyone to put me out of my misery. But no one in either traditional or alternative medicine had any answers. I even had gallbladder surgery and 3 months later, the attacks started again. I was so fatigued that I often was back in bed by 10 AM. Life was not very much fun and my activities were very limited. Then I began to work with the Daniels. I began to feel better right away. My fatigue began to lift and they pinpointed the cause of the pain. Since I now know what causes the pain, I now have answers to deal with it. Before, the attacks might last for a day. Now, within seconds, I can stop the pain with this work before it worsens. My husband and I almost didn’t make use of the Daniels services because of the cost. We had already spent so much money on other things and most of it didn’t help at all. After watching them help others, we decided to take a chance. And we are both glad that we did. Before, I was just surviving and hoping the Lord would take me home because life was so tough. I now feel like I have a life that is worth living. –Keren Brubaker

Chronic Fatigue

This work is innovative! In the months since I’ve used this method, I have gained energy, learned how to determine the best foods and supplements for my body, and seen improvement on some longstanding health issues. Most important, I am learning how the mind and body are truly linked.

With the help of my gifted and compassionate practitioner, Beth Daniel, I am resolving the incorrect beliefs that played such a big part in my chronic illness. I recommend it to anyone who wants to reach the core of their health concerns and work toward a holistic, comprehensive solution.

M. Harrington, Virginia, USA

Chronic Conditions:

Liver Issues, Glaucoma

My abnormal blood test results for my liver became normalized after one BHS treatment with Beth Daniel Jones. I had a follow up blood test, and the results came back excellent – all of the previously identified abnormal results were shown to be corrected, except the bilirubin, but even its drop was substantial: I have 1.4 while the maximum is 1.2. I used only your Best Healing Solutions method and did not take any medication. The doctor was surprised. Additionally, BHS helped my glaucoma as I primarily used my BHS codes and sparingly incorporated eyedrops, to reduce the pressure in my eyes.

–J.F., Texas

Chronic Conditions:

Brain Fog, Heart Palpitations, Insomnia and More

Before I met Beth Daniel and became a client of hers, I was struggling with many unhealthy symptoms that led physicians to send me for every conceivable medical test. None of these tests shed any light on the cause of my food intolerances, weight loss, chronic insomnia, brain fog, heart palpitations, hair loss, rashes, hot flashes and chills. In desperation, I turned to medical doctors who practice alternative medicine. The symptoms worsened. When I met Beth and heard her story I was filled with hope and eager to try this work, especially since I would not have to take any medications or supplements to try this method. As Beth and I conferred on the telephone, the codes corrected each problem as it arose. I began to thrive. In fact, I have gained enough weight to impress my internist with my good health during a routine examination.

Happily, I am now living a full life. I eat balanced meals and enjoy restaurants with no problems. I am becoming active in church, political organizations, and once more enjoy shopping. I exercise every day and sleep soundly at night. My life is better than it ever was. I cherish my ability to think clearly for the first time in a very long time, and I appreciate every aspect of my good health. I feel like I am on top of the world!

I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to Beth and BHS. It has been a remarkable journey filled with more delights and joy than I can discuss in this statement. Thank you!

–Jackie M., Los Angeles, CA

Chronic Conditions:

Arthritis, Acid Reflux, Thyroid Issues and Anemia

Hi Beth,

Beth, I wish I could say more about what you and Steve have created for everyone willing to take the time to learn even just some classes…………..

I just turned 66 last Saturday on the 30th and with the Cell Surface Receptor Scan I have been healed of arthritis that was starting in my fingers that runs in my family everywhere…………….it’s completely gone……..it is helping the aging process in many ways……….eating nontoxic foods took all the joint pain and aches away and helps my skin look great……………was healed of my damaged knee from body building in my past completely……………….and also after having my gall bladder out years ago …..I never really healed after the surgery……… I had acid reflux as they call it……………..I took Prilosec for 10 years before I knew your work existed……………..after I got off all toxic foods and did the CSR scans regularly I am completely healed in my stomach from this and no longer take any kind of antacids……………..my thyroid is finally healed after radiation and is balanced and functioning better than ever and all tests show that……………my anemia is better and my iron tests show it’s higher than it’s ever been in my life………………..I still have work to do…………………..but…Wow……….How blessed I feel with just all this!!! OK………….so I’m a poster board for your modality!!! What can I say!!! To many people just give up and keep going the old route and expect something different……………they need to know this works and I am so happy that you have the blog…radio ….YouTube and all the other medias that reach more people………….thank you for listening and giving me this time………………….

Love and light,
Donna, USA

Chronic Conditions:

Blood Pressure

Approximately 8 months ago, I had a “turn” of some kind and my neighbour called the Ambulance. My blood pressure was 220/120 and my neighbour suspected I had a stroke. I was taken to the hospital for tests. My neighbour phoned my sister who’s daughter Sarah was at her place at the time. Sarah commenced testing and said “Bev hasn’t had a stroke”. She kept testing and said that I’d had a reaction to something, probably mould.

Whilst at the hospital they ran numerous tests but all were clear and they couldn’t find any cause for the reaction. My blood pressure was still high around 170/100 when they discharged me from the hospital, suggesting that I may contact my own doctor and get a higher blood pressure tablet to lower the blood pressure, as I was already on a very low dose medication.

Once home, I spoke with Sarah and she tested that I had reacted to some kind of mould. After a process of elimination, I discovered a container of mouldy sour cream, which I had found just before my reaction. Sarah did the Miasm Scan and within a week it was at 138/72. It continued to lower until now it sits around 127/68. My blood pressure hasn’t been this good for many years.

I would certainly recommend Sarah and Best Healing Solutions for those having any problems with their blood pressure.


Chronic Asthma

Hi Beth,

Cleared my asthma symptom!!! You would be so proud! For the very first time, I was able to clear an ingestant that was affecting my asthma, by one of the techniques I learned from your teleclinics. We had to have some mold treated again in the attic. They re-fogged the house as well because the numbers tested a little higher than they would have liked after the first treatment. The good news is that the treatment is an enzyme that basically eats mold so it’s not toxic in any way but it was something that was still foreign to my system so my lungs didn’t appreciate this new aroma! Ha.

I tried several times but was unable to clear it in the house through tapping and holding my belly point even with open the doors wide open. So I simply removed myself from the environment and went outside for about 5 minutes and was able to retest, re tap and finally clear the inhalant! I walked back in the house and the symptoms were gone and never returned! Yay!

Thank you for teaching me that amazing skill! It is incredibly empowering to see it working first hand and by my own hands!


Chronic Physical Issue

After I worked with Dr. Miller, it took just 24 hours and a physical issue I had been dealing with for about 13 years disappeared!

Jessie, Mount Vernon, WA

Breast Dysplasia

I had an appointment with my regular MD who felt there was some dysplasia in my breast and she ordered me to go for a mammogram. Then, a few days after my session with Beth, the breast lump disappeared. I could not believe it. I just did not expect such a jump!

Thank you for your help!

Love and Gratitude, 🥰
Di Nelson, Czech Republic


Hip Pain

Speaking as an energy and body worker, Kathleen has done amazing work on me. She is astute and right on! She helped me to eliminate hip pain, and progress past an area where I was “stuck” for a while and couldn’t get past on my own. She is an amazing facilitator. I will be continuing work with her in the future. 

Celeste McFarlen HHP(Holistic Health Practitioner), CMT(Certified Massage Therapist), Reiki Master, California

Nerve Pain

Just wanted to give you some feedback, Beth. My nerve pain in my left leg is SOOOOO much better! Did 12 hours in the airplane today and I’m almost pain free. Bless you!!!!


Knee Pain

After months of knee pain after a surgery, Kathleen helped me release the pain. I am now able to walk without thinking about every step. Kathleen found things that I was dealing with that my medical doctors would not have been able to find that were affecting my healing. I thank God for having Kathleen to be able to work through Him.

 Mary, Iowa

Influenza Virus

Hi Beth,

‘Twas a successful day in that my son and I both caught the local flu. It started with him on Tuesday and hit me the next day with similar symptoms… For one solid hour, I was in sheer painful misery; the next hour, I coded nearly everything from my Codes book – even though I noticed the biggest difference was when I did the bacteria and hidden bacteria codes, the flu virus code, and the virus and hidden virus codes… After I finished coding and drinking water, I went and did skin brushing before hopping into the shower. By the time I got out of the shower and dressed, I had so much energy, that one would be hard-pressed to know just how miserable I was…

— Jenn B., USA


I just got the results back from my most recent bone density test. My osteoporosis is not gone, but it is definitely improving.

Last year: T-score was -1.31 / this year: T-score was -1.11

Last year: Left Hip was -3.03 / this year: -2.59.

This is very exciting!!! My heart is full and ready to get on with this healing process! Thank you for making such a huge difference in my life, Beth! –S. H.

Hormone Imbalance

Hi Beth,

Recently my GYN tested my Follicle Stimulating Hormone levels because it had been 12 months since my last period. The test came back indicating I was indeed in the menopause range. After this news I said the Balancing Hormone codes a few times that week just for the heck of it.

A couple weeks later I decided to get more serious with it so I added the Balancing Hormone codes to my daily repertoire with the intention of seeing if it would stimulate a period. To save time I simply asked my body to release the hormone codes 3 times (that’s the number I tested for). I said this once a day – sometimes twice a day for about a week. I’m happy to say that it worked!! This is powerful stuff!

Thanks for your awesome work in this healing field.

–Lorie A.

Aging and Low Energy

Hi Beth,

I have had blood work done recently and the longevity doc is very impressed. Cholesterol numbers are way down, glucose is lower and triglycerides are WAY down. I continue to have more energy….Took my first yoga class in 3 months last week and have started an aqua-cise class yesterday. I’m really happy with my progress…..

–Pat T., Los Angeles, CA

High Blood Pressure

Dear Beth,

I’ve assisted others to turn around undesirable medical test results for different conditions and have been amazed at what’s possible but when it came to my own health challenge I wasn’t sure that it could happen for me. However, I threw everything I had at it and my faith in lifetransforming processes is now firmly established as a result of my own personal experience. You did a treatment for me on July 10th for High Blood Pressure. I believe it had been high for a very long time.

I’m THRILLED!!! to report that at my last check it was a perfectly normal 120/70.

I want to thank you for helping me to get the ball rolling on this issue.

All Good Wishes, Eleni, Australia

Gum Disease

Dear Beth,

Great News!! I couldn’t wait till our next phone call to tell you how elated I am about my hygienist appointment yesterday.

For many years now my dentist has wanted to do surgery on my gums and scrape them and use antibiotics. They measure the “gum looseness” (obviously I don’t know the medical terms) each time I visit. My back teeth are always 6’s and 5’s. They tell me a teenager is a 1 and that a normal adult is a 2 or 3. WELL, yesterday I had no number higher than a 3!!

It is so much fun to have something measurable that shows I am so much healthier.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


Genetic Liver Disease

Your work has helped me more than I ever could have imagined. I have an extremely rare genetic liver problem. I had tried every form of traditional and alternative medicine and healing modality to little avail. Even the so-called “medical detectives” had given up on me. I am also no stranger to energy medicine, having graduated from a healing arts school in New York City in 1998 and having received energy work weekly since that time. With this work, the toxin clearing alone has literally prolonged my life and alleviated tremendous suffering. The insight and specific awareness of the practitioners is nothing short of miraculous.

Brain Injury


I have some good news to report that I’m so excited to share. You really hit on something in our last session. The immunization and resultant brain injury in the pre frontal cortex was spot on and we made a huge discovery and inroads to my brain recovery! I am a new person! I can’t believe it! In 46 years (OK 47 but who’s counting) I have never been able to listen completely and absorb conversation, or retain literature but I can now thanks to you! There’s still more work to do and I would like to dig deeper as my mind still wanders and I still have my ADD issues but what a difference you have made in my life! It has been so impactful and I am so crystal clear now in my thinking it’s almost scary that I operated on so little cognitive function before- no wonder my life was painful. I’m not saying I’m perfect now but you have truly opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for everything! Can’t wait till our next session!

Grace, Florida

Panic Attacks

I am so thankful that I found Tom and his work, which has literally given me my life back. After having a baby 17 years ago by body completely crashed. I was bedridden and allergic to everything. I couldn’t leave my house and started having panic attacks daily. Every time I went to sleep at night I woke up right away and had panic attacks most of the night. This went on for 16 years. I still remember the night at Mayo when a doctor came in to tell me that there was nothing they could do to help me. All their tests showed there was nothing wrong with me but I was 98 lbs, had a blood pressure of 60/30, and couldn’t walk or function. They sent me home to probably die.

That is when I started to look at natural options. I ended up losing my businesses, home and my husband left. I spent thousands of dollars and tried everything to get better but nothing worked. When I started working with Tom last year I still couldn’t be alone, drive alone, I would panic if i was not within about 10 miles from a hospital, woke up every night at 11pm with panic attacks and had no quality of life. I still have some work to do yet, but after my first 2 sessions with Dr Tom (who is absolutely amazing!) I was able to take a seasonal job as a district manager and was able to actually function, drive alone, got stuck in traffic and didn’t panic, and traveled from MN to New Jersey for meetings.

Most importantly I can actually do things with my children and family again! It feels so great to be free and to be ALIVE again!!! I actually turned down a full time job today and will just work the seasonal position so I have the time to continue studying this work. My passion is to become a practitioner and help people through their healing journey.

I just wish I would have found this sooner!


Deep Emotional Issues + Respiratory Virus and Parasites

I would like to share the amazing journey that my husband, our three cats and I have been on with Dr. Carolee Johnson over the past 2 1/2 years.

I connected with Carolee through my physical therapist who muscle tested 10 photos of practitioners who did her type of work. He did that twice and both times the strongest reaction was for Carolee. At the time, my mom had passed away and I had a pain in my left shoulder that required constant injections to keep me comfortable. When I spoke to Carolee, she helped me recognize that the pain was emotional and that I was carrying the world on my shoulders. Within a short time, the pain disappeared. 

Over the years, she helped my husband with a childhood trauma, SIBO and Covid.  She has also helped each of our Maine Coon cats with feline herpes and mold … just to name a few things. 

Her compassion, knowledge of the human body, training as a master herbalist and all things natural compliment her work as a Best Healing Solutions practitioner. I have recommended her to many others and am grateful for her expertise. Thank You Carolee!

Nancy, New York City

Deep Emotional Issues:


Cheri helped me save my life. I was in a dark, dark trauma place for so long that I about lost the ability to direct myself and my life.

A few years ago I was sick, struggling with alcohol, surrounded by toxic influences, insomnia, binge eating/anorexia, career and relationship loss, undiagnosed bipolar tendencies, sexual uncertainty and childhood sexual abuse. Nothing I tried worked.

I attended alcohol groups, obtained a few renowned psychiatrists, took pharmaceuticals, religiously exercised, and experimented with medical cannabis.

After 4 years with her, I can proudly say I understand my final medical diagnosis of complex PTSD and how it shaped most of my adult life. Cheri taught me how to take my own hand and walk again more freely in my mind. She tirelessly allowed me to blend and rediscover my own masculine/male indigenous Hawaiian identity through her bioenergetic-CBT approach. I’m a rural white man so I have “confused heritage.” Her body-attunement scans and instruction allowed me finally to process my own discomfort with Self and my memories.

I wholeheartedly endorse her approach. Forthrightly, I was between skepticism and disbelief as I started to heal my brain and my body. It had been so long since I felt hope

Cheri will help you locate yourself and your pain. She’s caring, diligent, thoughtful, and appropriately pushy. Trust her process. I’m balanced, living proof. Thanks Cheri!

CH, Walla Walla, WA

Deep Emotional Issues:

Chronic Anxiety


There is something out there that is so beautiful, maybe I’m finally connecting with my inner self! I’m not seeing everything as dangerous or harmful as I used to. There is so much more, that we are not aware of. I’m really happy. I’m home in my body. I know now it was destiny for us to meet. Thank you for the wonderful journey.


Deep Emotional Issues:

Panic and Blocks to Connect Spiritually

Hi Beth,

I’m so glad you recorded the session. I don’t think I hardly heard a word you said the first half of the session, I was so frantic. If someone had seen me during the session, pacing about and swinging my arms and wringing my hands they would have thought I looked half-crazed. I did feel like I was losing my mind and that’s a hideous feeling. If that had gone on for a few more hours or days, I think I would have lost it.

Now I feel like a new person. It feels like cobwebs and musty old shrouds have been stripped away from me. I woke up last night and felt so amazing, like I was just overflowing with gratitude and love. There was no barrier between me and God. So in the middle of the night I got up and sat outside for hours and looked at the moon and stars and listened to crickets and cicadas and frogs. I saw a shooting star! I feel even better than before the panic began.

As we work on things, afterwards I see that the problem is never the problem. While working on physical and emotional issues, stripping away all the old shrouds, the end result is unity and connection with God and abundant love for all life. (For instance there was the work we did on my eyes and migraines. It’s true my eyes and energy levels are better. But since then I feel this exuberant love for my mom. It’s like this old shroud of past pain has been stripped away that prevented me from freely loving her. Now I can be with her in the present and see her with love. I think I see her with God’s eyes. I see her as a beautiful person.)

I wish I could somehow express the depth of gratitude for your help last night and over the last year or so. And I can’t adequately ever say how grateful I am. I’m weepy with joy today. I can’t say you’ve given me my life back because it felt like I never had a life; so much of my life has felt like a living hell. It feels like all my life I’ve been running from pain and fear and trying to hold “it” together. I see I survived the best I could in the best way I knew how. But surviving is not life. Now I feel like I have a new life. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve tried diets and herbs and naturopaths and even EFT. And they helped, but they were all just like renovating a house. And in the end I might have had newly painted walls and maybe a new room or two and there was some new furniture that looked nice for a little while. But fundamentally it was the same old house. The foundation was cracked, the walls hid mold, the ceiling was leaking and there were rotten floor boards everywhere. It was a dangerous place to live.

Now I’m building a new house. And you’ve helped so much with that–I can’t begin to say how much. I’m trying to let God do the building. He has a good blueprint, so why should I stress myself about what the design will be or what it will look like or how it will function or fit together or where He’s going to build it? Sometimes He catches me trying to renovate with old building materials. So then that part of the house has to come down again. It’s like He’s saying let’s get rid of those old beliefs and that old pain and that old sorrow. Why would you want to build that back into a new life? Let us start afresh. I can’t begin to express how this work helps get rid of these old beliefs, so my true spirit, soul, essence can live. Yes, there’s temporary pain-physical or emotional–as God brings these issues into the light. He knows me, and if there was not some pain to catch my attention that there’s some problem, there would be no incentive to get rid of the pain–i.e. work on that issue and let it go. I have never known anything that works as well as the work you do. I appreciate how you share your knowledge, so now there’s some work I can do on my own. And when I, as the source of the problem, cannot solve the problem, I can turn to you for help. I wish I could tell you how grateful I am, but I can’t. All I can say is thank you. I thank God for you. You’ve been a blessing to me.

Love, L from Canada

Deep Emotional Issues:

Negative Thoughts

Wowie!!! Zowie!!!

These codes are powerful stuff! Today I’ve been flying so high I keep feeling surges of joy bubbling up inside me and it seems like even my hair must be smiling. And I didn’t do any of the other things yet. Much Love and Gratitude to you and Beth for all the work you’ve done to develop this amazing technology!

–Carol T.

Deep Emotional Issues:

Mental Health and Suicidal Thoughts

Dear Beth,

Thank you for helping me deal with suicidal thoughts, and thoughts of self-harm. Since the last QT treatment these thoughts have disappeared.

I am writing this testimonial to give other people hope who are struggling with mental health issues. I have had suicidal thoughts off and on for at least 20 years. Over the last few years you have helped me several times through very difficult days. And I know that if, for any reason, thoughts of self-harm or suicide return, I can call on you again for help.

I believe that if it was not for your help through QT that I would have ended up in a psychiatric hospital, heavily medicated, never dealing with the real reasons that were causing the depression, anxiety and thoughts of self-harm. Or, possibly, I would have actually made a suicide attempt.

You are a God-send, and I know God has used you and the work of QT to save my life.

Saying “thank you” hardly seems adequate, but I hope you know the heartfelt gratitude that comes with these words.

God bless you!

Deep Emotional Issues:

Working Through a Lifetime of Traumas

My healing experience was again amazing with the BHS team – they all care so much and you can always count on them!
First, Juan Carlos helped me immediately after I hit my head on the corner of a window. I felt instantly better as he quickly reconnected me and put my body into a healing state. Later on that evening, I spoke to Beth about another client and she asked whether I needed further help for myself. So I thought, yes why not, as I knew that there was more than just the head injury from the window. Beth connected me and immediately identified the strongest traumas that had occurred in my life, many of which had to do with my head, including:
  • 2 car accidents, including one when I flew through the windshield head first
  • a fall from a horse, which broke my coccyx bone and gave me a concussion
  • 2 C-sections birthing children 
  • heavy bleeding during my monthly period – how could Beth know about this?! After the treatment, the volume of bleeding was reduced dramatically; so if you have female issues, please contact BHS – it made such a big difference for me!

Now, after only one day,my head feels so much better and the rushing feeling inside of me has calmed down! I can now give all of these traumatic experiences a place, and I feel so much more thoughtful about things. I advise everyone to do a session with an BHS practitioner as it is an amazing experience for your overall well-being. They will find anything that has passed through your life and resolve it! 

CL, Europe

Deep Emotional Issues:

Depression and Brain Fog

This session with Kalyani was primarily about depression that has occurred with varying degrees of severity throughout my life. Recently I have been experiencing deeper depression, and hormonal imbalances. My periods have been irregular. When I called Kalyani, my period was 3 weeks late, I would burst into tears at any moment, gained 8 lbs, having trouble focusing and completing any tasks, and struggling very much to feel good in my body.

Kalyani is a very receptive listener, allowing you to explain the issues and effectively uncovering how to most efficiently go about her treatment. We begin by clearing anything that reversed me, I have learned it is better to be forthright about the cookies or things that reverse me because muscle testing will show everything. After being cleared, I can always feel a weight and fog instantly lift off of me. Simply from holding my belly point and answering some questions over the phone, the difference between being reversed and cleared feels huge. Kalyani is very in-tune and rapid with her assessment of the field. Key things that never fail to amaze me are when she tests about very specific things that she could have never known about. For example, she tested for low progesterone which was the hormone in my IUD that I had removed because it was causing problems. Vaseline came up which is something I have never used until two weeks ago!

As the session progressed I did not need to verbally relive anything traumatic or participate too much as Kalyani tests me, rather I tune to how my body feels as I have physical reactions to what she is saying. When she tests, it feels true. When there is a release we often both issue a slight sigh of relief as the holding of such energetic fields in the physical are visceral.

There were some generational sensitivities to dairy which make total sense, as I have recently discovered I am lactose intolerant as is most of my family. Kalyani tests for what not to eat and what to eat, as well as some supplements that my body tested helpful with this issue. I feel more in control with this plan knowing that it is what my body’s innate wisdom knows is the best. I felt so much lighter, calm and centered. I was also able to focus long enough to write this. As we finished our session my period started. 

I truly believe that Kalyani is an amazing talented healer. I have been skeptical in the past, but my sessions with Kalyani have so positively impacted my mental health and deeply aided in my journey of internal healing. I am in awe at the power of BHS with this incredible woman who facilities healing in such a rapid and profound way.

Thank you Kalyani!
V. S.

Deep Emotional Issues:

Depression and Unworthiness

From a young age I learned to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol in order to deal with the intensity I felt navigating through a challenging life.  It worked for a while, but by the time I started working with Beth, my life was falling apart; my relationship was over, my family in disarray and I was a mess; each week an up and down roller-coaster ride ending in depression.  After a few sessions with Beth I began to realize that due to some early experiences/ traumas in my life, I believed myself unworthy of giving myself the attention I needed in order to live a life I truly deserved.  As we worked together, she brought me to start rebuilding my beliefs of who I am and gave me the tools and confidence to make changes in my life to align with this more loving view of myself.  Beth always brings out the best in me and after our sessions I am again rejuvenated and empowered to take the next step in becoming who I deserve to be.  Every time I fell flat on my face (and I did often), she was there to give me a hand, without judgement and with a caring that I have come to appreciate every time I speak with her.  Thank you Beth for righting me on the path which I was intended to walk and helping me find it whenever I lose my way. Beth shines the light right on the spots I need to look at.

Ben, VA

Deep Emotional Issues:

Getting Pregnant

I had worked with many energy healers in my life, and was seeking help to fall pregnant. I was having trouble conceiving, despite having a healthy lifestyle, and having no medical issues. I had various doctors do tests which did not show any abnormalities. I had worked with other practitioners and each session would reveal something different, but I was not getting the shift I needed after two years. I emailed Beth to ask her if she would consider taking me on as a client and gain her opinion as to why I was not able to conceive. We did one session, and I was pregnant the very next month! She found very little toxins and pathogens, but found many emotions driving the problem. She was so thorough in her approach and left no stone unturned. Once she cleared the issues, I was able to fall pregnant, and had a very healthy pregnancy. We now have two beautiful children who are constantly gaining BHS treatments for various ailments. BHS is a permanent part of our lives, and we are always finding the benefit of this type of work. 


Deep Emotional Issues:

Depression, Anger and Abandonment

Hello Beth,

I’ve been wanting to follow up for some time and when your email arrived………I thought now is a good time.

We spoke around the 20th of August and I wanted to let you know how profound speaking with you was as well as the code you gave me. So much has happened since August for me personally surrounding childhood/ancestral “stuff” that, sometimes, it’s hard to put into words. Or to even remember all the changes since most of my issues are emotional in nature and not so physical.

But I do know this……….. I have used my code so many times that my body knows “my code” and just does its thing. I always check to make sure it will work and it does. I’ve cleared tons of issues around abandonment, neglect, anger, depression, unworthiness, powerlessness etc.

Not to mention using the codes provided in the materials for various issues that have come up in the meantime.

You were so “right on” during our phone call. You moved through topics so quickly, were able to get to the core and helped me so quickly it really is amazing how you do what you do. I only wished I could’ve recorded the phone call. I got so much out of it.

So many blessings to you and your husband for the work that you do! I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your help.

–Lynn Davis, Kansas

Deep Emotional Issues:

Guilt and Grief

Hi Beth, I am amazed at how light it feels when we treated an issue I had, already, over the years tried to treat with many other different healing methods (guilty over death of little sister, carrying the guilt and grief of my parents). Wonderful and amazing!!!! What a powerful treatment!!!

Thank you so much again!

I am so amazed and grateful for what you have done to change my life.

-Jorine Janssen

Deep Emotional Issues

The parts work provides healing at the deepest levels where other healing modalities treat only symptomatically. I truly don’t believe there is any condition that can’t benefit, and benefit greatly, from the application of your work.

–D.M, New York

History of Abuse

I know that when Beth found that I had been abused as a child at 4 y/o (I had suppressed that memory) it helped me bring that into my consciousness and heal it. It seems to me over the years of searching out trying different healing methods, including western medicine, the only true healing has come from remembering who I Am at the core of my being and loving myself unconditionally. It has been a combination of my experiences and my persistence to find myself that has brought me to where I am today. I feel great. And Beth and Stephen are a part of that journey and I bless their hearts.

They DID help me. 🙂


Energy Therapy + Counseling

Cheri’s energy therapy expertise, plus counseling experience, combine to create a powerful force for healing both mentally and physically.

CJA, WA State



Beth, since our session a few weeks ago, the hemorrhoids that I’ve had for over two years have finally cleared up. And no more pain. Thank goodness. Thanks for the help!

Ann, NY


Bedwetting and Sleeping Issues

Hi Beth, I’m emailing to give you some feedback on the sessions you did for my son. We had our first session back in June and focused mostly on the hay fever, which was gone within a couple of weeks. The next session we had in July focused mostly on the bed wetting, which had been getting worse and worse over the previous 6-7 months. I’m happy to say that he’s been dry just about every night for the last 5 weeks. He did have a couple of wet nights when he spent the week at his grandparents a few weeks ago. But he’s been dry since then. I know that reading the code was the main thing that healed this condition for him. I also did a couple of qi gong energy healing sessions on him and took him to the chiropractor the last week that he was wetting. I’m sure the combination of all those things helped.

Both my husband and I have also noticed that he seems to be able to tolerate foods on the restricted list much better. We will never really just let him eat whatever he wants in the food categories that haven’t agreed with him in the past, but it’s nice to know that he can tolerate those foods better even if he eats a little a few days in a row.

I ended up reading this last code for him as prescribed for about 4.5 weeks. Then I tapered off to 1-2x per day, then 1x per day, then 1x every few days. He only read the code for himself a couple of times, he’s only 8 and just had a hard time reading it, so he preferred to just have me do it for him. A funny thing happened last night though. Two nights ago he woke early in the morning from a scary dream. So last night I laid in bed with him reading books and when we turned out the light he was reminded of the dream and he got scared again. I asked him if he wanted to do some tapping. And he said “no”. But then he asked me how long it had been since I read the code for him and I told him at least a few days, maybe even a week. So he asked me if I would read the code for him last night instead of doing any tapping. So I read the code about 10x and he immediately rolled over and fell asleep and woke up feeling perfectly fine this morning.

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you and your husband do this work. I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand it and think it’s just plain weird. I would’ve thought that myself before I ever experienced how amazing it is a few years ago. So thank you for doing it despite what others might think of it and offering it as a service to others.

Warmest Regards, Karen, USA (***Karen did two surrogate sessions for her son).

Chest Congestion and Mitral Valve Prolapse

Hi Beth,

Just wanted to give you an update on my status since our last session. Treating the pleurisy and plural cavities was the Holy Grail to eliminating my chest congestion. My chest is clear and the cough and tightness in my upper chest is gone!

We also made incredible strides in treating my mitral valve prolapse. The previous drained energy and oxygen to my heart has now been replaced with vigor and stability! I feel like I could run a marathon!

I am so excited about the progress in my healing -It’s a new life for me and I’ve never felt better. I owe it all to you and your brilliant advances in energy therapy that remove the blocks and allow the body to do what it does best – heal itself. : )

xoxo, Grace C, Florida

Headaches and Fungal Infections

Hi Beth,
I just watched your replay of Facebook Live with Sonia Bueno de la Torre. I loved it; thank you so much! I am so incredibly grateful for learning and experiencing this new type of healing. Your codes are just amazing! I am working with Juan Carlos, who is also such a beautiful person! He’s so caring and I love the live sessions. He’s now helping one of my patients and my mother as well.
I have already bought some products from your shop at BHS. I must say the headaches, neck pain and fungal infection downloads are just amazing! I have improved my muscle testing so much with my patients, as this new type of testing can be used to go into fields other than only pathogens.
Sending lots of love from Portugal to you and your beautiful team. 😊

Mental Clarity 

Working with Kalyani has been a catalyst for deep transformation in my health. 
Her compassion and insightful guidance empowered me to make some lifestyle/dietary changes and to address the root causes of some health issues I have been dealing with for a long time. As a result, I feel greater clarity, coherence and vitality in my being.
Using kinesiology, the sessions addressed both physical and emotional blocks, and recognizing these, I was able to release old limiting patterns. 
I am deeply grateful for the encouragement, support and wisdom that Kalyani offers. It has inspired me to take charge of my healing and set myself on a course for optimal health.
Jennifer Thompson

Healing Choking and Avoiding Surgery

Hi Beth

I know you have so many people you help and are super busy…….but wanted to take a moment to thank you very much again for all your help and work………..and let you know I canceled my surgery scheduled for the 22nd of this month on my throat for the third time………….because it has healed and I can swallow my food without chocking and speak without feeling that tightness …………..YEA!!! I wrote down everything from the recording and use it daily to clear and give support and also to remember that I “choose” not to speak and be quiet……….which helps a lot as things here are very challenging daily…………..no surprise…….HA!!

I am very grateful that God has given me such wonderful connections in my life to help me and make my life so much richer in so many ways………..He’s so good at that!!! I always remember this saying………..Gratitude fuels expression……………….so please accept my humble appreciation as you are one of God’s gifts………

Wishing so many wonderful things for you…………..

With honor and appreciation.

Donna, USA

Mindfulness and Spirituality

Dear Beth and Stephen,

Thank you for the work you do.

The meditation CD has helped me enormously and probably was my first really deep significant shift. I first started listening to it last December and I created a love memory of being perfectly united with God and this has helped centre and heal me and become aware of God as a safe and loving Being, who is always with me. Just knowing this I feel much calmer and peaceful.

Lately, I’ve been listening to the relationship teleclinic. This has helped me understand disasters in previous relationships and I know is helping me prepare for a future relationship and giving me perspective on all relationships with family and friends. Also, you mentioned Guy Finley, which has lead me to listening to some of his lectures online. This has also helped me grow spiritually, along with many other books I am reading.

More and more I realize there really is no permanent and transforming healing without a good foundation. I thought I had a foundation. But it always seemed to be raining and all I seemed to be doing was taking out bucket after bucket of water and never having a chance to put up a house. Now I’m building a real foundation. The more peaceful I am and the less fear I have, the less it rains. Slowly there’s a lovely house going up too.

Thank you, M

Blocks to Happiness

Thank you for the last session, Beth.

It worked very well.

I’ve been writing today without fear 🙂 I’m in a lovely “writerly haze.”

I haven’t been able to get into a writing zone and write like this for several months, so this is a wonderful place to be!

Elena, Canada

Animal Issues:

Best Healing Solutions Helped Lachie the Horse to an Improved State of Health

Lachie is a 15 year old Welsh Mountain Pony. He has been with us since he was 4 years old and is a super ‘been there done that’ pony. He is my daughter’s pony from when she was 6 and she rode him competitively until she was 12, then Lachie had a couple of years away with another loving family, as he taught their young daughter to ride as well.
Lachie was returned to us at 13 years old when he started having laminitic episodes and was eventually diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome AND equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) – like type 2 diabetes. Even though Lachie has always been ‘managed’ to avoid these common pony conditions, he has suffered and struggled to get better with many recurring episodes.
Having used Best Healing Solutions for myself and other horses – I finally called upon Sarah to help me with Lachie. Sarah was able to determine that the supplements I had him on were not suited to him and we were able to source a supplement and feed regime to more benefit him. Sarah was able to pin point emotional issues that were triggering episodes as well as a number of other circumstances that were contributing to his condition.
We were finally able to get Lachie going again and share him with another loving family and their children. I hope Lachie enjoys this next chapter of his life and can teach some more children a thing or two about horses.
Thank you, Sarah and Best Healing Solutions, for assisting with his healing journey.
Kylie, NSW, Australia

Animal Issues:

Cat’s Journey from Trauma to Wellness

We adopted a senior kitty in 2021 after her elderly parents passed away. She was moved from another state leaving her home and 2 kitty siblings behind. Ruby struggled with the stress of massive loss and new surroundings including new animals (2 dogs and and another kitty). She had not had optimal care in her previous home due to limited resources. She has always been a scruffy looking kitty but deteriorated after her arrival.

Once we had her thoroughly checked out she was diagnosed with suspected pancreatic cancer/lymphoma, parasites and kidney infection/disease. She was withdrawn and skittish: she lost weight – down to 7lbs; would vomit frequently; much of her coat fell out; and many days we feared she would not be with us very long as she was already 16. Ruby lived under the guest bed for two months. Slowly, slowly, over months, she would venture a little further. Eventually getting on the couch or the breakfast table to nap in the sun. I called it Gen Pop because she was then around the other pets. ❤️😂  She finally evolved to the porches for sunning herself and then even walked onto the grass after never having been outside.
Through our work with Beth, Ruby has risen like a Phoenix – the transformation and integration into her new home has been nothing short of remarkable! We have found the appropriate supplement schedule, treated her for parasites and the infection which is ongoing. Her lab values are improving at each vet visit, and she’s up to over 9 lbs and has made so much progress in her disposition. Beth’s treatment of her trauma and loss has strengthened her and has made a discernible difference in her interest in life. Beth has guided us every step of the way from optimal diet/supplements to which parasite and antibiotic treatments are best for her. Beth has treated all members of my family over the years including all of our four legged members to remarkable effect. I’m so grateful for her care and counsel – thank you Aunt Beth!
 Robin M, SC

Animal Issues:

Multiple Horse Challenges

Following a couple of successful treatments with Sarah for my backpain issues (which turned out to be emotional issues) I got thinking about my beautiful horse Mystery who, had been a challenge to deal with for the previous 5 years that I had owned him. Mystery has the potential to be brilliant – but suffers from major separation anxiety and spooks at anything and was just downright dangerous sometimes as he would take off in the middle of some lovely dressage work. In 2020 I asked Sarah if she thought she could help him too. After a couple of treatments and working with his healing codes over a few weeks, Mystery slowly morphed into a new animal.

He was more settled, and we could reset more easily if he became worried. The exciting part of the journey was that our dressage coach that we attend weekly was noticing changes and commenting on his behavior – without knowing that I had done the treatments. When I told her, she was impressed and curious as to what I had done.

Because of the success with Mystery, I have also had Sarah work on some of our other performance horses. Lulu, our dressage pony mare, suffered a bout of ulcers, and we were struggling to clear them up with traditional medicines and at the same time she was having a lameness issue that we could not pinpoint with the vet. Following a session or 2 with Sarah, we had Lulu back in action and happy again. Her gait improved and was freer moving than even before the lameness!

Cecil, our showjumping warmblood, got a cough and snotty green discharge back in winter this year and 2 rounds of antibiotics, including penicillin injections, could not clear it up. Again, I called on Sarah who diagnosed a virus. With remedies and codes from Sarah we worked together patiently to clear it up – he is all better now.

Kylie, Australia


Animal Issues:

Horse Illness

Earlier this year I contacted Sarah to help my horse who was ill (yes, she works on animals too). The horse was lethargic, standing around, off her food (which normally never happens) not wanting to move much and generally doughy.

Sarah tested her from top to bottom, and found an issue in her gut. She was presenting symptoms typical of Cushing’s disease and Sarah found a mold/mould field, leaky gut and an emotional field that was blocking her ability to heal.

Sarah found that some of her issues were emotional, and some were man made, and also she found a hormonal imbalance. She also had ingested something which overloaded her system (this turned out to be a toxic spray of the paddocks next door).

Sarah also detected biofilm in the horse’s water.

Sarah cleared all the fields that were offline and reconnected them. She then went through her food and gave a list of how to balance her food. She also tested how to resolve the water issue. Sarah then gave me a code to read for the horse each day, 4 times daily.

Within a day the horse was much better, and continued to improve and is now really well.


Animal Issues:

Rattlesnake Bite to Dog

This is a Picture of Stella. She is a four year old yellow lab. This picture was taken 28 hours after being bitten by a rattlesnake two times on the right side of her face.

We were walking on a trail through the desert by our home. Usually when you approach a rattlesnake it gives its warning. This one didn’t. It was sleeping under a tree in the shade. We never saw the snake until it was too late. It jumped at Stella biting her on the right side as I was yanking on the leash to pull her back.

At the Vet I brought her Seat of Conscious back into her body. I treated the wound as an injectant. I then asked if the Seat of Conscious was everywhere the venom was, it wasn’t. She had to stay the night at the Vet and when they took her back the floor underneath her was covered in a clear liquid. It was not urine. She did need the anti-venom but only one shot. She went home the next day and within 48 hours of first getting bitten she was playing, eating and running around like nothing had ever happened. Another dog had gotten bitten that same weekend and he had the anti-venom shot four times and wasn’t doing well.

Thank you to Steve and Beth for your work. Without your love, support and teachings Stella wouldn’t be alive today.

I created the following frequency code for anti-venom of a rattlesnake bite:

Sh g50 Ch Un g50 3rd eye Eb Th A C 9g Un Sh Un

With Much Love and Gratitude!

Animal Issues:

Toxicity in Dogs

I want to relate an experience I had over the weekend with Mac, our three year old German Shepherd. He was acting quite lethargic and unwell after a trip to the pasture with my husband. As you know, there are all kinds of goodies out there for a pooch-including bovine fertilizer ;-). He was in the truck bed and barely reacted as I approached which is highly unusual. I attempted to coax him out of the truck but he would was not interested. The signature sparkle in his eyes was absent and he just seemed to feel so bad.

After a few minutes, still standing by the truck, I decided to test him. My eyes were closed as I checked his toxin field. The result revealed a biological contactant. Eyes still closed, I began releasing the contact code for him and after only a few seconds, I felt big, wet slobbery kisses from my sweet boy *:) happy!! He was perfectly fine-jumped out of the truck and starting playing with one of his toys. A bit later he had a big, yummy snack and has been perfect ever since.

I’ve had great success treating myself over the years but have never experienced such a profound, immediate result on my 85 pound puppy!

I’m so grateful to you and your healing work for all members of the family!!


Robin and Mac, South Carolina, USA

Animal Issues:

Performance Dog Stress

I originally approached Heidi to see if she thought her work could help me with my dog Splash on his grumpiness and his ring stress when he showed. She immediately told me that she could. So I went to see Dr. Tom and Heidi and they worked their “magic” on him. After three days of doing the codes, feeding him only approved foods and the few supplements that they advised, I could start to see small changes in Splash. After two weeks I could see even more changes, and after one month, it was like I had a new dog. The biggest change was in how much more friendly Splash became, not only around the house, but in public. He will now seek out people to interact with. Splash had never been what I would call a ‘friendly to strangers’ sort of dog. He would never go out of his way to bother anyone, but he was sort of anti-social, and really just wanted to be left alone.

All that has changed since our visit to Dr. Tom & Heidi. Splash will seek out people and even go and sit close to them so they can touch and pet him. That is HUGE, as for the past 5.5 years I don’t think he had ever done that. The other thing that they were able to help with were the ring nerves that Splash suffered from. With the help of the codes, Splash was able to let the ring stress go and we have since been able to earn an AKC OTCH, which is the highest level one can get in the obedience ring. I truly believe we were able to achieve this only because of the help that we got from Dr. Tom & Heidi.

Dr. Tom and Heidi, I just want to thank you for giving me a “new dog”, that seems to love life so much more!

Kathy, MN

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