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About Tom


Dr. Thomas Miller received his B.S. and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from Northwestern Health Sciences University.  He had a private chiropractic practice in Coon Rapids, MN from 1981 until 2016.  Dr. Miller started doing energetic healing work in 2009 with Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel and became a full time Best Healing Solutions practitioner in 2016.

He brings 35 years of experience in health care, nutrition and post-doctoral training in internal disorders to his healing sessions.

Dr. Miller enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren and walking his dog Rosie.

Tom’s Healing Story

A little deer tick bite in 1990 is what started me on my healing journey.

Although I had the bite in 1990, I didn’t start having overt symptoms until the summer of 1992, which became debilitating by early 1993.  The worst thing that I experienced was the inability to think, the brain fog was profound.  I had memory loss, severe headaches, terrible fatigue, vision changes, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations, severely stiff neck and migrating pains throughout my body.

It took many months and many trips to doctors to find out that no one knew what was wrong with me.  Finally, in desperation I went to the lab at the Northwestern Chiropractic College where I had graduated and started testing for everything in the lab book.  I came up with a positive Gunderson Lyme test that got me in the door with an infectious disease specialist and a year of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, after I went off the antibiotics the symptoms came back.  That started a seventeen-year cycle of antibiotic therapy.  The antibiotics kept me just well enough to work but never good enough to be off therapy.

I explored every treatment avenue possible, including nutrition, acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic remedies, diet changes, Craniosacral therapy, Rife treatments, visceral manipulation, etc.  I spent everything I had plus money that I didn’t have trying to get well.  All these things helped to some degree, but I never really felt well.

In 2009 I was introduced to Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, the co-founders of Quantum Techniques, and the concept that the body is self-healing.  If the body can see something it can heal it.

I found out that the reason I wasn’t healing is because my polarity was reversed.  A reversed polarity will completely stop the healing process.  Toxins in my diet and environment and viruses in my brain were causing the reversed polarity.  Once those things were cleared my body could start to heal.

I began working with Stephen and Beth in 2010 as a Quantum Techniques practitioner, and I am currently working with Beth as a Senior Best Healing Solutions practitioner.

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