Frequently Asked Questions


Are the effects of BHS permanent?

Best Healing Solutions is an energy therapy. We find that many energy interventions are permanent. Others can be erased through energy toxins, until all aspects of an issue are healed.

Can all foods be cleared so that I can eat what I want?

We can provide treatments that clear most people of most foods which allows them to eat them on a reasonable basis. If they do their deeper levels of healing, including trauma and generational issues, they usually can continue to eat those foods on a regular basis. Chronic issues often require limiting or avoiding certain foods.

Can I treat someone else with a code? Do I have to touch them to give them a treatment?

You can treat any human or animal that gives you permission to treat them. You muscle test to see if you have permission. If the body doesn’t need the treatment code, it will ignore it, therefore there is no danger in treating someone. You only need to think about them to give them the treatment while reading the code.

Can someone else use my treatment code?

It never hurts for someone else to use your code. A code that will clear you of an issue will almost always clear any family members. Many times your codes will work for others.

Do I have to believe in Best Healing Solutions for it to work?

Our experience is that this belief is not critical, but it can be a powerful addition to what we do. There has to be a part of a person that is willing to invest in a healing process, even if they do not believe that these treatments will work. Scepticism is not unexpected prior to their first healing experience with BHS.

Does a practitioner need to be located in my area in order to receive treatments?

Our practitioners treat people all over the world via telephone from their offices so it is not necessary to live in the same area in order to have a session.

Does BHS work with animals and infants?

We have worked with many infants and animals, and typically they respond much more quickly. We work with animals and infants using surrogate testing, where the surrogate touches them while we work with the surrogates voice. We’ve also worked in the same way with people in comas. We usually have very quick and dramatic responses. Animals and infants also do not typically have the toxin load that adults with chronic health problems have. Therefore, the treatments are generally much shorter.

How do I know if I am reversed? If I am reversed, what should I do?

Polarity reversal is when your meridians are flowing counterclockwise and all healing is blocked. You know that you are reversed by self-testing the statement “I want to be healthy”. If this statement tests weak, you are reversed. Reversals have many effects on people physically and emotionally. Reversals cause different behavior in different people. For those of you who do not know how to self-test, indications that you are reversed may be: you feel clumsy, you start many tasks at once and dont remember what you were doing, you have brain fog, you feel like you are having a reaction to a toxin, you are having physical symptoms, and you feel angry and/or out-of-control. When muscle testing the statement “I want to be healthy” should result in a strong muscle response. If not, you are reversed. When muscle testing the statement “I want to be sick” should result in a weak muscle response. IF not, you are reversed. Holding the fingertips of one hand two inches above the navel will prevent reversal while testing to find the source of the toxin causing the reversal. This technique is only used for testing purposes. If you are reversed, you can relieve it temporarily by tapping on the side of the hand (SH point) five times, then under the nose (UN point) five times. Doing this continually has helped many people avoid anaphylactic shock until they could receive further help. If you know how to self-test, you can ask your body what treatment codes would be significantly beneficial for you to read at this time to clear the reversal. Also, ask yourself how many times you should read the treatment(s) to clear the problem. If you are unable to determine the cause of the reversal/find the appropriate treatment code and are feeling unwell, call a BHS practitioner for help.

How does Best Healing Solutions work?

Everything in the world has frequencies. A rock has a frequency. Healthy tissue has a different frequency than diseased tissue. Every emotion has a frequency. This is coming out of the advanced quantum physics work, where they talk about and document non-local healing. Such popular authors as Diane Goldner (“Infinite Grace”) and Larry Dossey (“Space, Time and Medicine”) list some of the research in these areas. What we believe now is that the Divine spoke a healing code into every cell of our bodies. Trauma, disease, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, as well as other things, block the body’s ability to access that healing code. We are able to elicit that code from the energy field and give it back to the body in a form that the body can use to reestablish the original healing matrix. The body was made to be self-healing. Best Healing Solutions reestablishes that paradigm within the body.

How does spirituality fit in?

It is our belief that all healing ultimately comes from God, and that we are primarily spiritual beings. We believe that God supplies the healing energy and the healing codes in the work that we do. A daily practice of prayer and meditation always enhances healing.

How long will it take me to heal a chronic issue with BHS?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to this frequently asked question. Healing can be achieved in one treatment or multiple treatments over time. Healing typically occurs in layers, although it doesnt have to. The length of time that you have had symptoms does not seem to be a factor in the length of the healing journey.

There are several factors that help determine the length of BHS treatment required for healing. First, you need 100% conscious cooperation in healing. You must be willing to be treatment compliant. This means that you need to avoid toxic foods that can erase energy treatments. You need to address any conscious conflicts in your life (when you are living something that you do not truly believe in). Such lifestyle changes are often necessary for permanent healing. Please follow the advice of your practitioner.

Another critical factor to achieve healing is to obtain 100% internal subconscious cooperation for healing. In other words, you must be willing to look at the non-physical issues that are blocking your healing. This includes blocking beliefs about yourself, others, the world, God/The Divine; blocking emotions of yourself and others; traumas (generational and in your own life); unconscious vows; spiritual attachments; and the unconscious intention behind your symptoms. Our BHS practitioners are expert in guiding you through this aspect of the work. We also offer teleclinics including many of these subjects if you want to learn to do the work on your own.

Additionally, you can speed up the progress of your healing dramatically by learning to self-test, as taught in our best-selling product, Truth Techniques, sold in our store. You can use this skill to test self-care products, supplements, foods, items in your environment, etc. This can greatly reduce your treatment time and teach you to identify your own blocks to healing.

Ultimately, healing occurs when the cells of the body move out of a state of fear and self-protection. The goal is for the vast majority of the cells to be moved into a state of love, healing, and growth; then healing happens. This has been corroborated by the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton as described on (The Biology of Belief).

Complementary therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic massage, chiropractic and more can also accelerate the healing process for many clients. Nutritional supplements that test energetically helpful can be of benefit as well. Detoxification of the body also appears to be an important adjunct to BHS.

Is the exact sequence important?

For most of our work, we find that the exact sequence is important. Often you’ll find that a sequence is robust enough that even if you leave out a point, it will still work.

What does it mean that I lost a treatment?

When a BHS practitioner scans a client’s energy field and gives a treatment code, the body now has all the necessary instructions to carry out and complete the healing. If the issue is only emotional, the body can complete the healing in seconds and the issue is completely and permanently healed. This is because there is no physical mass to change.

Many complex physical fields require the body to make changes on a cellular level. If there is a simple virus or bacteria, the body can usually clear this and complete the healing in an hour or two. If these healing changes require greater tissue change, such as in the case of repairing DNA damage to the myelin sheath of a client with Multiple Sclerosis, or healing the intestinal lining of a person with gluten intolerance, the body may take days, weeks, even months to complete the healing instructions in the code. During that time, the body is vulnerable to losing or erasing a treatment. This typically means a toxin (such as a spider bite or toxic food), virus, bacteria, or severe emotional trauma has caused the body to lose the healing instructions given in the code.

If a person learns to self-test, or calls a practitioner because the treatment is no longer working, they/we can find what caused the body to lose or erase the treatment field. Most of the time, we can put that new information into the original code and get the body back on track with its healing. Other times, the body requires a new code to deal with the new issue and get back into a healing frequency. All chronic illnesses are chronic, in part, because the body has been losing its ability to heal due to losing or erasing treatments.

What does BHS cost?

At Best Healing Solutions, we charge from $5.00-$7.50/minute. Typically it takes approximately 6 minutes per issue treated.

What if a person isn't open to this healing?

I would always test their higher self. Many, many parents do surrogate work on their teenagers for depression, anger, etc with very high success. If they are closed to the treatment, it won’t typically work.

What should I expect in doing BHS?

With Best Healing Solutions you should expect some immediate results. We’re so confident in this that if you have a treatment and you don’t think there were any dramatic results within 24 hours, just let us know and you will not be billed for that work. We will discontinue treatment. This happens very rarely. With many issues, such as pain and emotional issues, there is a very quick, very dramatic response and it needs very little follow up. With other more severe chronic issues, such as fibromyalgia with environmental sensitivity, and chronic fatigue, there are obviously many layers to that issue (like an onion). It’s unrealistic to think that you’re going to take care of all of those issues in one or two sessions. Sometimes a chronic condition will not resolve completely until you’ve gotten all the components and all the layers. This may take many sessions over a period of weeks or even months.

In general, you will call one of the practioners and the first session is usually 10 to 12 minutes. Subsequent treatments typically take 4-8 minutes per issue. If you experience anything other than mild fatigue from one of our clearing treatments, then call back immediately to make sure the treatment is complete.

Will I have a healing crisis, such as with homeopathy?

We have seen some rare occasions where a person has symptoms while detoxifying. This is not the norm and we can provide a treatment to clear the detoxification pathways and relieve the symptoms.

What does 9g mean in some of your healing codes?
The 9 gamut or 9g is a sequence of actions that are part of Emotional Freedom Techniques’ (EFT) original tapping sequence developed by EFT Founder, Gary Craig. At BHS, we add it to certain codes, to reduce stress in the body, with the simple designation of 9g (this sequence can also be done on its own to reduce general stress).  
Tap rapidly and gently on the gamut spot, which is on the back of either hand, ½ inch below the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and little finger, while completing the steps below. Tap 3 to 5 times per step.
1.    Hold eyes open.
2.   Close eyes.  
3.   Open eyes and look down to the right.
4.   Look down to the left.
5.   While tapping, whirl eyes in a circle one time.
6.   Whirl eyes in the opposite direction one time.
7.   Hum a short tune of at least two different notes (like Happy Birthday).
8.   Count out loud to 5.
9.   Hum at least two different notes.  
Stop tapping.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Healing Solutions and Issues Addressed

Watch this Facebook Live video from 10/29/2022 where Master Best Healing Solutions Practitioner Sarah Westerway reviews common questions about our work, including:

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  • What should I expect by doing BHS?
  • When do I need to do my next session and how long will it take me to heal?
  • Does BHS work with animals and infants?
  • Can I learn this myself?

Sarah also discusses issues commonly addressed by BHS.

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