This is the final entry of a four-part series about Spirituality and Consciousness and how these relate to Best Healing Solutions (BHS), and to the healing of disease. The information presented is based on an interview conducted with Beth Daniel Jones, founder of BHS, by Maryann Breukelman, who lives and writes in rural Canada. She has written a novel, The Secret Bookstore, and is currently working on a new work of fiction.

As an aside, changes that people make in their diet, water, cleaning products, supplements and exercise are also important to healing. However, this series of blogs will primarily focus on the spiritual and consciousness aspect of healing.

 Part 4

The Physical Body and Spirituality

Does the physical body impede spiritual growth? The answer may be “Yes.” A person can be so focused on the material life that spirituality is ignored and forgotten.

Or, perhaps a person is so attached to their disease label that they are identified with it completely; they think about it constantly. Their entire life becomes about managing the disease. Focused on a routine that revolves around a physical illness, there are no opportunities to see hope, joy, God or the Light.

However, Beth notes that the opposite is also true. Physical pain and sickness, emotional and relationship problems, are all experiences that can lead to a level of suffering that can be so unbearable that it forces a person to look at issues, deal with circumstances in life, work on consciousness and begin a healing journey, leading to a deeper spiritual life.

People with a life of physical ease, in regards to material circumstances and health, tend not to begin a consciousness journey, typically.

Of course, no one needs to seek out difficulties to begin a spiritual journey. There is no glory in looking for pain, or being a martyr or reveling in suffering. However, part of life on earth means that painful circumstances will likely arrive. Not only is learning how to deal with them part of the spiritual journey, it can help a person gain skills to move through other issues and circumstances with greater ease and less suffering.

Beth is certain that a life of self-examination and consciousness and spirituality can be fun! It not only helps with healing, but it adds a depth to life. It makes for richer experiences. It can become a habit and routine that helps a person see spiritual riches everywhere. By shifting from focusing on pain or illness, people shift to a life and journey of deeper meaning and purpose and love.

So, in a round-about-way, physical difficulties, emotional issues, relationship troubles, can propel one on a spiritual journey so that not only do these problems heal, life becomes better than before disease and troubles began. This change is more than a bonus on the spiritual journey that can be taken with Best Healing Solutions and an BHS practitioner.

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