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Who We Are

Best Healing Solutions (BHS) is an energy healing system that rapidly uncovers a person’s blocks to healing from any physical, emotional, relational, mental or spiritual issue and puts the body into a profound healing state as the body was intended to be.

Why Us?

Our practitioners have a combined 220 years of experience as healers resulting in thousands of changed lives around the world.

They turn to us for help when nothing else has worked…

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About Us

Best Healing Solutions is an advanced Energy Medicine practice founded by Beth Daniel Jones, the co-founder of Quantum Techniques. Best Healing Solutions is a new platform with the mission to take the healing power of Quantum Techniques and other amazing modalities to the world by storm!

Best Healing Solutions (BHS)  rapidly uncovers a person’s blocks to healing and puts the body into a profound healing state as the body was intended to be. Second,
Healing instructions are given via a healing code plus practical guidance for lifestyle changes that will result in healing. The third component of healing with BHS is a change in mindset and awareness so that the person is no longer destined to repeat the pattern of dis-ease and can experience true transformation and freedom.

Our Services

Best Healing Solutions offers a variety of different options that can help you either begin your journey to healing, continue your focused and committed practice, or give you the tools needed to help others. Find out more about how we can help you continue moving in a forward direction!

Healing Sessions

Get started on your healing journey with Best Healing Solutions now!

Events & Classes

Join us either in person or online for our healing events and classes. 

Mastery Program

Want to become a Practitioner with Best Healing Solutions? Then the Mastery Program is for you!

BHS Select Program

Mentoring in energy medicine? Scheduled monthly calls will accelerate your healing and learning.

Our Practitioners

220 years of combined healing experience

Beth Daniel Jones

Founder, Lead Practitioner

Dr. Carolee Johnson

Senior BHS Practitioner

Dr. Thomas Miller

Senior BHS Practitioner

Sarah Westerway

BHS Practitioner

Laura Keeler Bailey

BHS Practitioner

Puja Shah

BHS Practitioner

Kathleen Taplin

BHS Practitioner

Our Educators

Dr. Jenny Sechler

Best Healing Solutions Educator

Kalyani Heather Lynn

Best Healing Solutions Educator

What They Are Saying

Respiratory Virus

Beth, I just wanted to thank you tremendously for speaking with and being there for me when I was in a dark place with COVID. You are special and I truly appreciate you. Please be safe. People need you.

– Cliff, USA

"...I just want to thank you for giving me a “new dog", that seems to love life so much more!"

– Kathy

" I'm a poster board for your modality!!! What can I say!!!"

– Donna

"Thank you for teaching me that amazing skill! It is incredibly empowering to see it working first hand and by my own hands!"

– Heidi

"Before, I was just surviving and hoping the Lord would take me home because life was so tough. I now feel like I have a life that is worth living."

– Keren

"I will never be able to fully express my gratitude to Beth.... It has been a remarkable journey filled with more delights and joy than I can discuss in this statement."

– Jackie

"After I worked with Dr. Miller, it took just 24 hours and a physical issue I had been dealing with for about 13 years disappeared!"

– Jessie

"After much skepticism and waiting to try this type of work, I wish I had done it when I first knew about it."

– C.A.

"My passion is to become a practitioner and help people through their healing journey. I just wish I would have found this sooner!"

– Tania

"I wish I could somehow express the depth of gratitude for your help last night and over the last year or so. And I can't adequately ever say how grateful I am. I'm weepy with joy today. I can't say you've given me my life back because it felt like I never had a life; so much of my life has felt like a living hell. It feels like all my life I've been running from pain and fear and trying to hold "it" together."

– L

"This is very exciting!!! My heart is full and ready to get on with this healing process! Thank you for making such a huge difference in my life, Beth!"

– S.H.

A New Way To Heal…

The opposite of dis-ease isn’t health—it’s reconnection that leads to health. All healing is Reconnection. All dis-ease is caused by Disconnection. At BHS, the goal for every client and every session is to Reconnect the body to its healing intelligence as the Creator intended. By the end of each session all the systems in the body are in communication and in concert once again. Reconnection to your true self, to others, and to the Divine results in healing.

The Best Healing Solution…is the one that works for YOU

BHS practitioners offer multiple methods of healing to bring you to a place of wellness as rapidly and effectively as possible.  Some of these methods and concepts include:

  • Quantum Techniques – Beth Daniel Jones, the founder of BHS, is also the co-founder of Quantum Techniques and helped to create QT’s system of healing over 17 years.
  • Masters Level Neurolink
  • BodyTalk
  • Yuen Method
  • Contact Reflex Analysis
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Theta Healing
  • Somatics
  • Field Control Therapy
  • Thought Field Therapy

BHS Practitioners also offer:

  • Experience as a Psychologist
  • Experience as a Chiropractor
  • Experience from Natural Healing with Foods
  • Experience with Nutritional Supplements
  • Experience as a Social Worker
  • Experience in Mindfulness training and Consciousness Teachings
  • Experience as a Registered Nurse
Trauma + Truth = Transformation

BHS practitioners are experts in treating emotional trauma from the past that is affecting one’s life and health in the present moment.  Using Truth Techniques (self-testing), the BHS practitioner quickly and accurately finds any trauma that drags the person back into the past, unknowingly. This includes the treatment of trauma that has been dissociated from the conscious mind.  Approximately 90% of our behavior is the result of unhealed issues in the subconscious mind. Clients with chronic illness often have significant trauma before the age of 5 that has changed their perceptions of the world (causing them to believe the world is a dangerous place) and put them into a fear state. Discovering and healing this original wound is critical for healing and bringing the client to the present moment.  The present moment is the only place where healing and transformation occurs.

How BHS is different than other healing systems
  • BHS is the most comprehensive form of energy medicine in the world today. It’s a One Stop Shop for any and all physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and mental issues.
  • BHS is constantly evolving and adding new healing scans to help clients.
  • BHS works with you over the phone in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.
  • BHS is able to speak to a surrogate over the phone for small children, pets, teenagers who don’t want to talk to a healer on the phone, people who are nonverbal, and those in surgery or in a coma in the ER or ICU.
  • Clients of BHS treat themselves by using a healing code and reading it daily instead of needing to see a practitioner multiple times per week to keep their healing on track.
  • BHS works with dissociated trauma in an expert fashion without the client needing to relive the trauma.
  • BHS teaches others how to heal themselves with conference calls, products, classes and trainings (the BHS Select Program for introductory and advanced students and the BHS Practitioner Mastery Program).
  • BHS offers weekend healing retreats on various topics while also offering face to face healing sessions throughout the weekend.
  • BHS offers a 24-hour Money Back Guarantee for all new clients if the work is not satisfactory.
  • BHS not only uncovers physical and nonphysical blocks to healing, but also offers teachings in spiritual consciousness so that illness does not return.

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