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About Carolee


Carolee Johnson is a Doctor of Natural Health, and a Master Herbalist trained at the School of Natural Healing founded by Dr John R Christopher N.D. Carolee was a Master Practitioner for Quantum Techniques Energy Healing as taught by founders Dr Stephen P. Daniel Ph.D. and Beth Daniel Jones for ten years. She is certified in Lymphology as taught by Dr C Samuel West N.D. She holds certification and is a diplomat of Iridology at The International Institute of Iridology and was trained by Dr David J Pesek Ph.D. Dr Carolee holds certifications in schlerology with Dr Jack Tipps N.D. Ph.D. and also holds certifications in natural healing and nutrition as taught by The School of Natural Healing. Carolee Johnson holds certifications in Emotion Code and knows Body Code trained by Dr Bradley Nelson D.C. and is also certified in Three Dimensional Therapy.


Carolee’s Healing Story

I think my health issues started when I was born. I had a terrible case of eczema, and my digestion was very poor. I was extremely small for my age, and when my mom would take me to the doctor they would tell her take me home and feed me more, that was all they could do. But I couldn’t digest anything including breast milk. By the time I was 2 years old I only weighed 17 pounds.

As I got older, I did really well up until the time I started having children. When I started out with my first child I noticed that my heart started keeping an uneven rhythm at times. It kind of worried me because I knew my dad had deformed heart valves, and had heart trouble all his life, and my older brother had the same deformity but it was much worse.

Right after the birth of my last child, I became so weak that I could hardly walk across the room without passing out. The pain in my left shoulder and arm was constant. My toes on my left foot would go numb. I couldn’t stand to get cold because it was so difficult for my heart, and it would stop and then hit really heard against my chest and it would really hurt and scare me. My uterus started to bleed all the time instead of just during cycles, and I knew I was in a whole lot of trouble. I knew I was really sick, but I didn’t want to go to the doctors because a close relative had a heart transplant a few years earlier and she lived only three more years. I was a scared of doctors.

I guess I must have had an angel on my shoulder because my son came up the stairs one morning and told me that he had had a dream. He’d dreamed that I had chosen to die. The dream was very real and he was nearly in tears. And he said “Why mamma, why would you ever choose to die?” he said “I could see that it was going to be a long hard road for you, mamma, but you could do it! Because I would help you!” I knew that it was a true dream, and that by doing nothing, I was choosing to die. I also knew that this child standing there in front of me would never have a normal life if I were gone. That with a father who worked all the time, that this child would become the one responsible for raising his younger siblings, and I couldn’t’ bare to put him through that kind of hardship. I made the decision then and there that I would find a way to stay alive no matter what it took. I couldn’t stand to think of my children trying to navigate life alone. It felt like leaving a litter of kittens to the wolves.

I didn’t know what to do, so I did the only thing I could think of – I got on my knees and start praying for help, and hope that someone heard me. I knew I didn’t have any faith at all in the medical system; I had already been to them, and they had nothing that I felt could help me. So I started searching for something else, and I started to get answers. The first thing I did was changed my diet and started to do some cleansing, but it wasn’t an easy road. I continued to juice, fast and cleanse, and my strength started to return after several months. I figured that this might be as good as it was going to get.

And then I started having anxiety attacks out of the blue. I thought it was my heart giving me trouble again, but I couldn’t understand how it could be my heart. I hadn’t had the pain in my shoulder or neck for a year. The anxiety got worse until I felt like I was walking around in a state of shock all the time. I started to search for answers again. And I prayed with all my heart to be free of this terrible constant fear. I had read about energy medicine, and I was under the impression that it was just some feel good stuff that was practiced by middle eastern gurus, and that it didn’t actually do anything.

But one day a relative came in and a dropped a book in my lap and told me she had found a good book she really liked. It was by Gary Craig. I was ready to try anything that would bring relief, so I read the whole thing and I tried some of the tapping methods. They worked on some things, but nothing touched the anxiety. It would bring it down for a short time, and then it would come right back. I decided to order his DVDs and learn more. On the DVD there was this short little section with Dr Stephen Daniel and his fiancé Beth. I watched them, and they seemed to emanate compassion. I was impressed, and decided this method was the next step for me, and hopefully the answer to my troubles. I called in and found that this was the answer not only to the anxiety, but to everything.

Even with all I had done, I was still spending most of my day lying in front of the fireplace feeling weak, and wondering if I would ever feel completely well. I was just always tired. I couldn’t even think straight sometimes. But when I started with Beth Daniel Jones, then the co-founder and practitioner at Quantum Techniques, I couldn’t believe the immediate healing results I received. I was a natural health practitioner already, even though I was still limited myself, I just had to know how to do this. So I decided to become a practitioner, and I loved doing it! I did it for ten years at Quantum Techniques. Beth and I are very dear friends and soul sisters. Although it was an honor and a pleasure working with the QT team, and I very much appreciate all that I learned there, moving to Best Healing Solutions as a senior practitioner to continue practicing energy healing with this dynamic group of healers has invigorated my desire to help others and make a dramatic difference in their lives!

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