HS Practitioner Mastery Program

Want to become a Practitioner with Healing Solutions? Then the Mastery Program is for you!

Is The Mastery Program For You?

The Mastery Program allows others to get in the healing game and be trained at the level of their interest and at their own pace. This furthers one of our goals at HS which is to bring this unique form of energy healing to the world by teaching more and more people how to use HS. God has put on our heart at Healing Solutions to train up to 1,500 people in the next 8-10 years. We hope you’re one of them!

If you have a passion for HS and Energy Medicine then this program is for you! The HS Practitioner Mastery Program offers an opportunity to learn directly from our Healing Solutions founder and Quantum Techniques co-founder Beth Daniel Jones as well as existing practitioners.

It includes 3 Levels of achievement:


The First Level 


The Second Level

Master Practitioner

The Third Level

General Description of Options


Level 1 proficiency and Level 2 certification modules are taught sequentially in online classes by Practitioner Kalyani Heather Lynn (Level 1A), Senior Practitioners Dr. Tom Miller (Level 1B) and Dr. Carolee Johnson (Level 2A), and HS Founder Beth Daniel Jones (Level 2B). Masters Level training is taught by Beth Daniel Jones (Level 3) at annual face-to-face trainings held in various areas of the US.

A second option is that students may learn the material on their own by purchasing the required products, as shown below in Mastery Program Details. This could include scheduling individual sessions with any of the HS Practitioners to supplement their learning during the process. As you can see, there are options for all based on your own individual goals for studying HS!

And always remember: The Best Healing Solution…is the one that works for YOU!


Mastery Program Details

Level One

Level 1 of the HS Practitioner Mastery Program consists of 2 modules, A and B. Module A includes learning and mastering the art of self-testing (self-muscle testing based upon the foundation of applied kinesiology). All Healing Solutions work is predicated upon the mastery of self-testing as taught in Truth Techniques and all HS classes. All testing methods used at Healing Solutions are much more comprehensive and specific than what one typically considers as applied kinesiology, and can be done remotely over the phone. Students have multiple ways of learning self-testing and fulfilling their requirements for Module A, including:

As of November 1, 2020, any student who desires to become Proficient in Level 1 of the Mastery Program is required to participate in at least 1 HS Self Testing Lab after completing the Level 1A class and before starting the Level 1B class.

The purpose of Module B is to learn more in-depth HS procedures including how to:

  • prepare yourself and/or your client for testing
  • scan and clear pathogens and toxins
  • identify spiritual attachments
  • release trauma
  • reconnect organs, glands and tissues to the body’s healing intelligence
  • clear curtains that block the body’s healing intelligence
  • build a healing code

Learning this information requires attending the online class, Finding Blocks to Healing and Bringing in the Light taught by Dr. Tom Miller. In order to attend the class, the following prerequisites must be met:

Each student is required to take a written test consisting of true/false statements, multiple choice and short written answers, which will be graded by Beth Daniel Jones. Upon passing the written test, the candidate must then take and pass a verbal test (up to 60 minutes) over the phone with Dr. Tom Miller demonstrating proficiency in their skills. Accuracy of at least 80% on both tests combined is considered a passing grade.

Level Two

The purpose of Level 2 of the HS Practitioner Mastery Program is to prepare the student for HS work at the highest level. This level of the HS Practitioner Mastery Program also consists of 2 modules, A and B. Skills needed for successful certification consist of:

  • proficiency of all Level 1 skills
  • successfully running the Cell Surface Receptor Scan, including Recent Advancements
  • running advanced level scans
  • the ability to find and clear trauma, emotions, beliefs, vows, intentions, frozen emotional fields and spiritual attachments

The first step in learning this information requires attending the Module A online class, The Nuts and Bolts for Getting to the Core of Chronic Issues, taught by Dr. Carolee Johnson and purchasing and mastering the following products:

The second step is attending the Module B online class taught by HS Founder Beth Daniel Jones. This class will cover the ability to find and clear trauma, emotions, beliefs, vows, intentions, frozen emotional fields and spiritual attachments. Final criteria for earning the HS Certified designation include:

  • purchasing and understanding the Chronic Illness teleclinic series
  • purchasing and understanding the Symptom Intention List
  • familiarity with the Parts Manual – free via email from the back office after class registration
  • participation in a minimum of 4 months of the HS Select Advanced Module in the one year period leading up to taking the exams. At least one of the modules must include a personal session with Beth Daniel Jones; and
  • provision of 3 written case studies (must have worked with each client at least three times) on a session notes form provided by HS.

Each student is required to successfully complete a written test, and then take and pass a verbal test via phone with Beth Daniel Jones. Accuracy of at least 80% on both tests combined is considered a passing grade. Once the student is Certified, they qualify for the annual HS face-to-face training taught by Beth.

Level Three

The Third Level is for those who have passed Level 2 and are HS Certified, and have attended the most recent face-to-face annual training, and have been invited by Beth Daniel Jones to be under contract as part of the HS team. If this is your goal, please inform Beth of your intention.

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