This is the third of a four-part series about Spirituality and Consciousness and how these relate to Best Healing Solutions (BHS), and to the healing of disease. The information presented is based on an interview conducted with Beth Daniel Jones, founder of BHS, by Maryann Breukelman, who lives and writes in rural Canada. She has written a novel, The Secret Bookstore, and is currently working on a new work of fiction.

As an aside, changes that people make in their diet, water, cleaning products, supplements and exercise are also important to healing. However, this series of blogs will primarily focus on the spiritual and consciousness aspect of healing.

Part 3

Reconnection to the Divine

As Beth explains, the path to love requires the removal of fear. The path to love and healing requires a reconnection to Spirit.

Once the trauma has been dealt with, which BHS does very quickly, then, as Bruce Lipton says, to get beyond the point of “zero” or “neutral,” one has to take the journey of love and healing. Beth sees this as her primary job, or calling. Or, stated another way, she says that all disease is disconnection from God. By extension, healing is reconnection, and she just serves to offer a safe place of love to move into this direction.

Guy Finley says that “what we pay attention to is what we love.” So, if a person is giving all their attention to their illness or problem, they have identified with that label and it will be impossible to “hear God ringing the front door bell.” Beth helps people “hear the door bell,” and then answer it.

The BHS practitioner cannot open the door for the client. God is not going to open the door because people have free choice. So, that means the client has to open the door. It requires action, a level of self-responsibility. But with love, the BHS practitioner can help them get to the place where they are willing and able to open this door. The primary way this is done is by shifting a person from a fear state (healing old trauma) and moving them into a state of surrender, joy, peace and love. A state where the client knows that “everything I need is on its way.” In this place, the client believes that the world is safe, and the Divine is loving.

During BHS sessions, practitioners help give people tools to do that, including teaching clients the truth about healing and understanding that they are “not their thoughts” and “not their emotions.” They are encouraged to come to the present moment in gratitude. Contact Beth for recommendations for further reading of spiritual books.

By developing new thoughts and beliefs— shifting from fear to love—people’s physical and emotional health shifts.

In a dramatic example, Beth discusses how she worked with a client who had a brain tumour. Using BHS, she discovered that he had rage toward a specific individual and this rage and lack of forgiveness was growing inside of him, specifically in his head. She helped the client work on forgiving the person with whom he was angry, and forgiving himself, and healing the trauma that had led to these negative emotions. She also helped to guide him to being completely in the present moment, and moving along the spectrum of love and connection to God. His tumour shrunk and was gone in two weeks.

This example illustrates that in the end — or is it in the beginning? — all healing is reconnection to the Divine.

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