Laura Keeler Bailey

Master Best Healing Solutions Practitioner, Registered Nurse

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About Laura


Laura Keeler Bailey is a Registered Nurse and received her Nursing degree from Our Lady of the Lake College in Louisiana. Her specialty areas were Labor/Delivery and Oncology. She has been a BCIA certified Neurobiofeedback Practitioner since 2005, working with children and adults diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, addictions, anxiety, autism, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, migraines, ODD, panic attacks, PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. Laura has received advanced training in Quantum Biofeedback and Health Kinesiology, and has additional studies in EFT and TBA (total body analysis).

In 2017 she began exploring new opportunities in Energy Medicine, pursuing the passion God had laid on her heart for alternative healing. Best Healing Solutions and Quantum Techniques were answered prayers for her as she was on her own healing journey trying to heal from multiple chemical sensitivities and digestive disorders.

As she learned more about this work, she realized it encompassed many aspects of her previous years of training/education in the healthcare industry, energy medicine and experience with inner healing ministries, as it addresses the person on all levels spiritually, emotionally, and physically. To her surprise, she found that healing usually happens in that order!

Through this work, she has learned that the lies we are believing about ourselves, others, and God, and past unhealed traumas, are usually at the root of our unhealed physical issues.

Laura is married and has 2 grown daughters. She loves the outdoors, and hiking in the Rockies, the Ozarks and the Blue Ridge Mountains. She loves educating others about energy medicine, and especially the Best Healing Solutions system, as she believes it works in perfect harmony with how God designed our bodies to heal.

Laura’s Healing Story

Laura’s healing journey began about 5-6 years ago, when She started having histamine reactions to almost everything she ate, breathed, or put on her skin, which resulted in throat and gut swelling on a daily basis. It was quite alarming for her as she had never really been sick like that before. She began working with Beth Daniel Jones soon after, and it was quite an eye opening and life saving journey for her. She soon realized that her unhealed emotional issues and past traumas would have to be dealt with in order for body to be able to heal. She remembers Beth telling her one particularly difficult day, that once she came out on the other side of her journey, she would be able to help so many people struggling with the same things.

She is so thankful to God for bringing this amazing and powerful healing system into her life right at the moment she needed it. She is excited to be able to now help others who are still trying to heal from their own chronic symptoms, and walk out that journey with them, like the practitioners on this team did for her.

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