My name is Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Best Healing Solutions. One of the issues that comes up very often, maybe more often than anything else, is chronic conditions being caused by dental problems. Every tooth is on a different meridian in the body system. So, for example, one particular tooth relates to the lungs, large intestine and some other organs, glands, and tissues. Each tooth has meridians that it affects, and in turn, organs and glands are affected by disease in the teeth and the mouth.

This is such a problem in our world today that I like to recommend dental products to people and different ways that we can help with dental health because it affects our overall health. One of the products that I found very helpful is a type of dental floss called Cocofloss. Coco as in coconut. You need to be flossing your teeth every day. I am not a dentist and I have not been paid to give you this message, but you need to floss your teeth daily. Most people don’t like it for whatever reason, but this floss will give you a different experience.

You can purchase Cocofloss at I get mine at because it’s less expensive and offers better shipping to Hawaii. This floss is made out of coconut fibers, so when you use it, coconut oil is left behind, plus the fibers have more of a scrubbing effect than regular floss. It is available in various flavors. This stuff is phenomenal! I’ve been using it for a couple of months and it made such an impression on me that I wanted to tell you about it. Cocofloss will really help your dental health!

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