I’m Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Best Healing Solutions. We have many clients that come to us with Lyme Disease who are frustrated from trying so many protocols and other treatments that haven’t helped. All of the time that they must wait for a diagnosis or effective treatment for the disease, their bodies and lives continue to be negatively affected. Recent research from Europe has shown that full leaf Stevia is helping with antibiotic-resistant Lyme Disease. This is very exciting because many patients with Lyme, have tried one, two or three different antibiotics, sometimes all at once, and many seem to do okay when they’re taking them, but as soon as they’re done with their rounds of antibiotics, they start to feel poorly again. What they have found with this new research on Stevia is that there is a biofilm of the Borrelia Burgdorferi, which causes the Lyme disease, that “remains” after the treatment, something that the researchers call “persisters”. These stragglers, as I call them, are what is resistant to the antibiotics. What the researchers have found is that full leaf Stevia is much more effective than the three typically prescribed Lyme antibiotics. The Stevia provides much better results in getting rid of the Borrelia, even at the biofilm level, which is difficult.

Now as with all things Best Healing Solutions, we test everything for people, and some are actually sensitive to Stevia leaf. In those instances, there are other things that we can recommend for Lyme Disease, including the use of supplements, depending on how they test and whether allergies and sensitivities might be present. Our treatments for Lyme Disease have proven to be very effective. It’s always wonderful to hear about new research like this, as it can typically help many people that have not seen improvement in their condition from using the standard treatment for Lyme. If you, or someone that you love, has Lyme Disease, give BHS a try!

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