This is the first of a four-part series about Spirituality and Consciousness and how these relate to Best Healing Solutions (BHS), and to the healing of disease. The information presented is based on an interview conducted with Beth Daniel Jones, founder of BHS, by Maryann Breukelman, who lives and writes in rural Canada. She has written a novel, The Secret Bookstore, and is currently working on a new work of fiction.

As an aside, changes that people make in their diet, water, cleaning products, supplements and exercise are also important to healing. However, this series of blogs will primarily focus on the spiritual and consciousness aspect of healing.

Part One

Defining the Problem

In a short YouTube video, the well-known author, Bruce Lipton, gives a simple and concise explanation for the reason people develop diseases of the body or mind. He states that disease is caused when people are in a state of stress, protection or fear.

On the other hand, when people are in a state of positivity, gratitude and love, they will be in a state of wellness. (It is beyond the scope of this blog post, but you might want to read Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, if you are interested in learning more about epigenetics, and learning how genes are switched off or on, depending on if people are in a state of fear or love.)

Especially interesting to note is that Lipton argues that just removing stress, only gets a person to a state of “zero” or neutral on the scale of disease/wellness. To really get to a state of wellness and healing, he argues people need to move up the scale into a state of joy and love.

His description relates closely to what Best Healing Solutions does for people, and how Beth describes the two-fold help BHS provides—finding and dealing with the reasons for disease in individuals, and then showing the client the route and path to healthy emotions, love and re-connection to the Divine, so that the healing can become permanent.

When people come to BHS, they typically have chronic physical or emotional issues. Beth explains that underlying many of these problems are old traumas and conscious and sub-conscious negative beliefs that arise from out of them. Or the clients might be in a state of chronic stress—physical or emotional— due to something in the present reality, past events or concerns about the future.

In some way an BHS practitioner is like a detective. If there is a trauma, the BHS practitioner uses applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to quickly determine the events, whether remembered or forgotten. Also, they test to find out if there was a specific incident, at what age, and if other people were involved. Then they are able to test if there are conscious or unconscious negative emotions involved. The beliefs about themselves, others and God that came out of an event can be discovered as well.

Several beliefs that people have that lead to illness include believing God is punishing them, believing that God has abandoned them and believing that the world is a dangerous place. At the core of every chronic issue, whether physical or mental, is a spiritual problem, Beth explains.

After finding and dealing with beliefs, fears and stress, a person would be at the “neutral” state. But to heal permanently, the client must move to the next step of growing into a state of joy and love and finding a way to reconnect to the Divine.

BHS makes both of these steps possible through work in consciousness and spirituality. BHS works to clear blocks to the Light. This allows people to have real and powerful connections with the Divine.

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