Aloha. My name is Beth Daniel Jones and I’m the founder of Best Healing Solutions.

We do the finest work in energy medicine in the world today. The most comprehensive and the quickest. We will work with people, on the phone, all over the world. Basically each day, we have someone on call on our team.

One of the things we have developed recently is a protocol for concussion. Concussion is a big concept right now. What they’re finding is many kids are getting concussions, especially girls playing soccer, boys playing football, big boys playing football in the NFL, for example, hockey and just living regular life, even if you’re not an athlete. So recently I’ve had a few clients who have come to me pretty much all at the same time and that’s how it goes, it’s like somebody’s trying to show me something about how to treat this and help this person heal. So a few people came to me that had concussions within a two week period of time. Two of those people had hit their heads in a swimming pool years ago. One in competitive swimming, just missing her turn and hitting her head; and one just swimming with friends, hit her head twice, on two different occasions several years ago and has had many problems since. One other person has suffered with ADD, attention deficit disorder, due to concussion. I worked with a little boy who was diving in a lake and got a concussion from hitting his head. The last case was a woman who was in a car accident in California. She was a teenager when she was in the accident approximately age 16, now she’s 40.

So in many of these cases, I’ve worked with people who’ve discovered the concussion up to decades later, and the work has still made a huge difference for them today. The young boy, under the age of 10, was treated one time for the concussion on the lake and his allergies went away. The woman who had hit her head in the pool suffered hair loss and neck issues; her neck issues are completely resolved and her has completely stopped falling out and her supposed genetic patterning baldness has gone away and her thyroid function is back to normal, after treating the concussion. I asked the woman who had ADD, if she wanted to try this new concussion protocol and she took me up on it. She has had three concussions in her life, now she’s about age 50. All of the concussions occurred long ago and as we were working together I asked her to write something down, and she said to her husband “Wow, look at this. My handwriting is clear, it’s the best it’s ever been in my life!” I was working on her brain at that time her writing cleared up while we were on the phone. The woman in California who was in a car accident said that when I did my concussion protocol treatment on her, all of her brain fog went away. It’s like she was seeing clearly for the first time and her memory came back. She was really struggling with short term memory issues. That was the most effective treatment we’ve ever done related to concussions.

So if you’ve had concussion, or you suspect that you have, I’d be happy to do the concussion protocol with you and see what you notice. Send me an email at or check us out on our website at I’m happy to help make a difference in your life!

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