My name is Beth Daniel Jones with Best Healing Solutions. Today I want to cover the topic of specific symptom intentions that we find blocking our clients’ healing.

One of the intentions that we commonly find is the intention to be sick. No one wants to be sick; this intention comes from the unconscious. Some part of the unconscious believes that I am safer being sick than I am being healthy. It is typically tied to an old trauma from earlier in life, many times before the age of five or six. Traumatic incidents and patterns in life can bring about illness and then the intention to be sick unconsciously.

Another very common intention is to say “no” to other people. Most of my life prior to becoming ill, I would never say no to anyone about anything. The only way that I could say no was by having symptoms. That was my way of saying, “Leave me alone and go away; give me some space.” That way I didn’t have to be “mean” by saying no to people – chronic symptoms did it for me.

Another common intention is to get a need met. That can be getting a specific person’s love and attention, or simply an intention to get a need met in the world today in your life. Again, usually this starts in childhood where you didn’t get your needs met. That can be a part of why chronic illness manifests later in life.

The intention to save someone is common. If I am so sensitive emotionally that I take on everybody’s unhealed issues because I think I have to save them, it can wear me down to where I have nothing left to give. This can definitely contribute to illness because I never put myself first – I always put myself last because I’m saving everybody else.

Another rather common symptom intention is to punish others or to defeat others who have wronged you. Again, part of the unconscious process manifests the illness. The truth is you are not defeating anyone and you’re only hurting yourself. Punishing oneself is actually another intention.

The intention to keep myself safe at all costs is another symptom intention in chronic conditions.  If I’m sick, everyone will leave me alone and no one will hurt me. That can be another manifestation in chronic illness of that unconscious intention to be safe no matter what.

Another intention that we find with people who want to work on abundance or success issues, is an unconscious intention to be in financial crisis. They have no idea that they actually hold that unconscious intent. Again, many times it comes from your upbringing or a family belief about money being bad, or religious belief that if you’re successful financially you’re going to hell or are not lovable.

There are many others, but those that I’ve highlighted are some of the more prevalent intentions. Hopefully this will help you or someone that you love. Thank you.

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