I’m Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Best Healing Solutions. Children wetting the bed is one of the topics that we are asked about regularly by parents.

Typically, boys wet the bed more often than girls, so we end up working more with boys, but everything discussed here works with girls too. One of the things that we find consistently on this subject matter is that parents have tried what they feel is everything, yet nothing seems to work. Using BHS, there are some keys factors that we look for solving this issue very quickly. The first thing that we look for is what we call a hidden pathogen. This simply means that the body’s healing intelligence is not tuning in like it should to eradicate a possible hidden viral or bacterial infection. These often come into the body’s awareness when the child closes their eyes to go to sleep because the hypothalamus is activated when the eyes close. Many times some kind of an infection will show up that we can find with our testing techniques over the phone. Another thing that gets activated during sleep is the branch of the vagus nerve that goes to the bladder. Often we’ll find viral or bacterial hidden pathogens in that nerve as well, and sometimes the vagus nerve’s branch to the kidney can harbor it too.

Toxins can also block treatments from working. Sometimes if your child has an inhalant sensitivity, like fragrances, laundry detergent, fabric softener, new carpet, pollen, etc, it can “reverse” them, meaning that the body’s meridians are reversed, which blocks healing. We also look at possible pathogens and toxins. Sometimes a trauma has been experienced, and there is an emotional component that contributes to this issue as well; we’re really good at finding that quickly. We also do something called a “curtain scan” which shows us if there is something else physical happening. For example, I had a recent case where a child had been wetting the bed since he was born. I discovered anesthesia residues blocking him from getting over his bed-wetting problem, and cleared those with our BHS process, which essentially flushes out the toxins and pathogens, and then his bed-wetting disappeared.

These are some unique ideas that you may not have thought of before, so please contact us if you’d like help. Thank you!

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