I am Beth Daniel Jones, the founder of Best Healing Solutions. One of our specialties at Best Healing Solutions is healing environmental illness and multiple chemical sensitivities, often called EI or MCS for short. For any of you who have followed Best Healing Solutions, you know that I used to be the girl in the bubble with severe environmental illness. Being a person who used to have environmental illness and MCS, I feel responsible to share what I’m going to share with you today. I also feel like I’ve earned the right to say this to you because that was me.

An unrecognized aspect of environmental illness is as follows: Everyone I have ever met and worked with with environmental illness is incredibly intelligent. Really smart people. Really competent. A lot of times had wonderful careers and positions and degrees or not, but really brilliant people. And very competent people. Really smart and very creative. What happens?

I’m actually going to do a series on EI and MCS, and this is one of the videos in that series, so I’m not going to get into every aspect with this, I just want to talk about this one aspect today. About this level of creativity that people with EI and MCS have. What happens is we are all creative beings at our core. We can’t turn it off. Part of who we are is creativity. We were created with this. You can aim your creativity in a direction, unconsciously and consciously, but you can’t turn it off. Those of us who have had EI, or if you’re dealing with it now, you’re a very creative person. It’s just your creativity is going into symptom creation and finding uniqueness in symptoms. You’re not doing it on purpose. It’s coming from an unconscious place inside.

For example, someone will call me and say, “Well, I’m sure I have the worst case of EI that you’ve ever heard because I react to a cell phone even if it’s two miles away.” That’s a very creative symptom, is it not? We are here at Best Healing Solutions to hold the sacred space for you to heal. I know how to heal from EI. To hold that space for you, with our goal being, you can use this creativity and put into who you really want to be in your life. We can help you get there, so that this creativity isn’t bottled up in symptoms.

I really believe this is an unrecognized aspect of this condition and I want to help you to be free so you can free your creativity to do something great, to follow your dream, of what it really is, and this is mine. This is what I’m doing with my creativity today and every day, to help you. Thanks for listening.

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