I’m Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Best Healing Solutions. More than ever, we see many people who have become sick from mold exposure. What can you do about it? If you have Aspergillus or Stachybotrys, or other types of mold or mold micro toxins in your house, do you need to dispose of everything and start over? I have many clients who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in furniture and clothing because of mold. There is a tool that can help you – it’s a laundry additive called EC3 and it can be purchased at MicroBalanceHealthProducts.com. Just add a small amount of EC3 to your wash cycle and it will remove mold and mold spores from your clothing, fabrics, towels, and so on. In my testing, it’s cleared over 97% of the mold in the items I’ve washed with it. As an added feature it also kills bacteria.

It’s great to find something that actually removes mold from clothing! Essentially, I live in the jungle in Hawaii. Here if you have clothes that sit in a drawer or closet for a period of time without being worn, they smell moldy. Anyone who watches my videos knows that I love clothes. EC3 has personally saved me hundreds, or more, dollars by keeping my clothes mold-free. The product is 100% natural; some of the ingredients include tea tree oil and citrus oils, including that from tangerines. The caveat is if you’re sensitive to tea tree oil, or any of the other ingredients, you can’t use this product. Some people are sensitive to tea tree oil as it is quite strong, so you want to check that out for yourself, or we can test it for you to determine whether you body can tolerate it.

Micro Balance Health Products has other mold remediating products on their website, including some sinus sprays and other things that I highly recommend. I thank two of my clients for the information on this product, as they have both independently informed me about it. Thank you and have a great day!

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