My name is Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Best Healing Solutions. BHS looks at health and healing for people with chronic or acute conditions. We look at physical, emotional, mental, relational, toxin, structural, and spiritual issues to create a very comprehensive healing framework for our clients. Today, I am going to focus on the spiritual aspect of healing. One of the common questions that I get in my practice from clients with chronic conditions is “Why am I so vulnerable to picking up negative energy, negative energy states off of other people, picking up spiritual attachments, or what some people may call darkness or dark attachments?” They can feel it in their bodies when something of a negative nature hits them.

What it really comes down to is whether the person in question has done their inner healing. If they are a clear, healed and transformed vessel, they’re not going to worry about negative energy and dark attachments and that sort of thing because they’re in a place of light, healing, connection to truth and to God; negative things won’t affect them.

The reality is that most people have some areas in their lives that remain blind spots, even if they work on themselves and their health and healing. Something to look at specifically for yourself or others in regards to this vulnerability of acquiring negative energy is unhealed trauma. Unhealed trauma always consists of unhealed emotions, pain, and beliefs. When we look at our own unhealed trauma, and oftentimes it takes the help of a practitioner, there are typically dissociated traumas that we don’t remember that need to be brought into the light for healing so that we’re not so vulnerable to dark energies and attachments. Within that realm, emotions are another big open door to picking up negative energies and attachments, like fear, terror, rage, unforgiveness, resentment and guilt, or worthlessness. All of those negative emotions tend to attract the same emotions from others – if I’m angry, I’m going to be affected by somebody else’s anger. It might hit me really hard. So I need to deal with my own anger issues, my own unforgiveness, my own trauma that’s related to those emotions.

Another open door to picking up negative energy and attachments is beliefs. For example, the belief that I have to save someone. If I believe I have to save everyone that I meet, I’m going to start picking up all of their unhealed issues. Well, that’s not why I’m here and I’m not responsible for saving them. They will be saved by their own connection and transformation to truth, God and light. It needs to be their own healing, and not me who heals them. It took me a long time to figure that one out, and I still need a reminder of it every once in a while. If you have an intention to save everyone from their “dysfunction”, you are going to expose yourself to their unhealed issues and it will end up affecting you negatively.

Another belief that’s very common as an open door for negative energy and attachments is the mindset that I must punish others or I must punish myself. If I hold an intention to punish someone, I’m going to be very vulnerable to their unhealed issues. If I hold a belief that I deserve punishment, I will be vulnerable to every unhealed issue and negative attachment that’s out there. Sometimes attachments are generational. There can be dark issues within a family line, generation after generation, that need to be addressed. What’s the family message or the family motto? What’s the family belief? “God’s not safe; God is punishing me.” That’s another common belief – God is punishing me; God doesn’t love me; there is no God. Those beliefs can also be open doors to negative attachments and energies.

Any unhealed intentions can be an open door. The intention to punish someone or the intention to protect myself at all costs, means that I’m afraid of everything. The intention to defeat someone, the intention to save everybody, the intention to say no, even though I can’t say no to anything – any of those unhealed issues leave you open to negative energies and spiritual attachments from others. If you feel negatively affected spiritually, remember that Best Healing Solutions can help!

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