I’m Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Best Healing Solutions and besthealingsolutions.com. I want to discuss healing wounds and ulcers, such as diabetic ulcers on the legs. The tried and true method I want to promote uses sugar. Yes, sugar is good for something! I don’t recommend eating it, but it is good for healing external wounds and ulcers. Apparently this method is based on old ‘folklore’ that originated in Africa and I’ve heard stories that it has been used on battlefields for years. I was curious to know if it actually works.

Recently, I worked with a young gentleman who is a barista who had sliced his hand open and it wasn’t healing very well. When I checked him for using sugar on the wound it tested good, so I asked him to try it. Take some white table sugar and mix it with glycerine, which you can usually get at a drug store, to create a paste. If you cannot find glycerine, use honey as an alternative. You want to use just enough glycerine or honey to make a paste similar to the consistency of peanut butter, then pack the wound with it. Because no one wants sugar falling all over the place, wrap the wound with something like gauze, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. Typically, the wound would be re-packed with the paste and the gauze changed every day or two. I suggest testing the individual in question to determine the timing.

I have read that sugar takes a long time to heal things, but in my client’s case, he did the process once and the cut was healed. Of course, healing time will vary depending on the individual and the severity of the wound. My client may have healed faster than normal since I also completed a BHS treatment on him as he had bacteria in the wound. We were wondering about him using an antibiotic, but he didn’t test as needing it; he only tested for using sugar on the wound. One important thing to remember – don’t put sugar in a wound that’s bleeding, because it will actually cause more bleeding. The same method can be used for diabetic ulcers.

If you have questions about this helpful tip, or want to have a session, please visit our website at besthealingsolutions.com or contact me at beth@besthealingsolutions.com. Thank you!

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