My name is Beth Daniel Jones, and I’m the founder of Best Healing Solutions and We often recommend supplements and products for people to help them with significant health concerns of all different kinds. Today I want to review Plus CBD oil hemp balm. You can get this any state in America and it is not cannabis, nor is it marijuana with THC. It is simply hemp oil. The specific product that I’m referring to is the extra strength version of Plus CBD oil hemp balm. This one is 100 milligrams, and they also offer a stronger 200 milligram option.

I purchased this item at a naturopath’s office in Arizona, but you can get it online at They have internal CBD oil products as well. I’m impressed with them as a company. I was in Arizona visiting my mother, and her neighbor had serious shoulder pain. I let her try some of this and she was blown away as her pain disappeared within minutes.

Another example – my stepmother who is visiting, has arthritis and significant swelling in her fingers. She tried this product one time and within five minutes, the swelling was gone in her fingers, and she was moving her joints without pain. She was thrilled!

For myself, I had an injured area on my leg, and the Plus CBD oil hemp balm took the pain away and allowed me to sleep. Another benefit is that you cannot overdose when using this product, as it is a balm that you apply to your skin. I’m very impressed with this company and their product – give it a try if you’ve got pain and inflammation issues! Blessings from Best Healing Solutions.

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