BHS Exclusive Retreats

On location. One of a kind.

Experience A New You.

Say hi to Beth’s husband Gil Brody Jones!

  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Old Trauma (Unconscious Pain) & Its False Beliefs
  • Grief, Loss & Change
  • Healing Through Relationship Issues, Including Break-ups, Divorce, Dating & Relationship Turmoil
  • Making Comebacks! From Failures, Accidents & Chronic Illness

Gil Brody has taught hundreds of thousands of people all over the world how to deeply connect and reconnect with God in a completely safe and supportive environment. Beth & Gil’s weekend retreats mix a blend of teaching, music, meditation, prayer, and group work. Individual healing sessions are offered by Beth and her hand-selected Best Healing Solutions practitioners.

Face-to-Face individual healing sessions within a spiritual retreat setting? It’s never been done before.

So we can tell you this: These life-changing 3-day weekends are something you won’t want to miss!


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