Living Your Best Life with Muscle Testing

Workshop Information

Online Workshop Via Zoom

2-2.5 Hours

Thursday, September 8th 2022

Noon Pacific

This workshop explores how muscle testing can increase our self-awareness, and help us realize what is truly important and how to be happier! It can also be great support for beginners to build more confidence in self-testing by practicing in fun, inspiring ways! In the workshop we will:

  • Bring in another aspect of healing by knowing and strengthening our positive thoughts and emotions – the first step is knowing what those are!
  • Discover what makes us tick and look at what our dreams can tell us about our inner workings.
  • Create customized and targeted daily practices and start to uncover deeper
    fulfillment in life.
  • Provide charts and worksheets to go along with all of the class fun and testing

Is this workshop right for you?

In order to take this workshop, you need to be proficient with self-muscle testing. Although recordings will be available for those that register, we strongly encourage participating in the live workshops as you will gain so much more value from the material being presented.

Join us in discovery on your journey towards wellness and joy!

*This workshop is not a requirement or a part of the BHS Mastery Program; rather it is for personal enrichment.

Comments about the workshop from recent attendees:

“Wowza!!!! Kalyani that was fantastic!!!!!!“

“I love, love, loved it!!!”



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