BHS Online Cohort Practitioner Mastery Program

Exclusive 11 Month Online Cohort Program

What is Best Healing Solutions (BHS)?

A Quantum Energy Healing Platform based on the Principle of ‘What the Body can see the Body can heal”

  • Uses a remote advanced form of muscle testing to get information
  • Fully reconnects the body to enhance visibility within the system
  • Identifies and clears 100% of the physical and emotional blocks allowing the body to fully heal from any condition
  • Fully works stand-alone or can serve as platform to overlay any other healing technique
* All products and scans herein were co-created by Beth Daniel Jones and Dr. Stephen Daniel, as co-founders of Quantum Techniques.

Cohort Includes All 3 Levels of Achievement:


The First Level


The Second Level

Master Practitioner

The Third Level

Cohort Practitioner 11 Month Mastery Program Details

Level One - (5 Month Program)

1. Mastering the Art of Self-Muscle Testing

2. Reconnecting our physical & energetic body to ‘see’ what needs to be healed

3. Uncovering and clearing Energetic Attachments

4. Finding and creating the ‘Treatment Field’

5. Uncover hidden information utilizing the Curtain List

6. Testing and clearing toxins and pathogens, including those that are hidden or unknown

7. Bringing our bodies into autonomic balance

8. Running the advanced energy release technique

9. Building Quantum Codes that carry the energy of the treatments

Level Two - (6 Month Program)

1. Testing and clearing at the Cell Surface Receptors level

2. Testing and clearing the non-physical:  Trauma, frozen emotional fields, intentions, beliefs, vows, contracts, and others.

3. Running the 3 Advanced Level testing/clearing methods (A.K.A ‘Scans’)

  • Umbrella Scan (Integrating the Physical and Non-Physical)
  • Miasm Scan
  • Neuroplasticity Scan
Level 3 - (Master Practitioner)
For those who certify in Level 2 and attend the annual training.

What’s Included?

Access to BHS Proprietary Self-Study Training Written, Audio, and Video Material

Limited Seats Available

Level One (5 Months)

  • Truth Techniques
  • Reconnection and Physical Scans
  • Basic Foundations
  • Advanced Trauma Scan and Treatment
  • Spiritual Attachments
  • Seat of Consciousness Scan
  • Curtain Scan
Valued at $1,125 or $225/month

Level Two (6 Months)

  • Chronic Conditions Teleclinic
  • Cell Surface Receptor Scan
  • Recent Advancements
  • Umbrella/Detoxification, Methylation Support Scans
  • Miasm Scan
  • Neuroplasticity Scan
  • Non-physical Scan (in development)
Valued at $1,200 or $200/month

Weekly Group Coaching by A Master Practitioner

Group coaching in Zoom includes:

  •  Self-learning material review and orientation
  •  Coach personal tips & tricks
  • Live sample cases
  • Q&A
Valued at $540 per month

Class Muscle-Testing Buddy Pairing

Powerful tool to:

  • Hone self-testing skills on yourself and on others.
  • Practice what is learned in the course.
  • Heal yourself with the help of your muscle testing buddy

Save hundreds of dollars in practitioners’ sessions!

What is not included

Certification Prerequisites and Examination Costs

Level One (BHS Proficient)

Examinations costs – $95 written; $255 verbal

Level Two (BHS Certified)

4 BHS Select Advanced workshops with BHS founder Beth Daniel Jones via Zoom – $805

Examinations costs – $100 written; $400 verbal

3 case studies

Level Three (BHS Master Practitioner)

Annual face-to-face training – $2,999 (estimate) + Travel, food, lodging expenses

Pricing & Course Timeline

The Online Cohort Practitioner Mastery Program

Start Dates:

Level One – To be determined

Level Two – To be determined

How do I sign up? 

50% off to the first 10 Students to Sign up! 

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