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Vegan Almond Flour Coconut Zucchini Bread with Stevia

Kalyani offers this sugar-free, grain free, egg free sweet bread just in time for the holidays! Who says you can’t have sweets and be sugar-free?! You can often find almond flour at Costco and definitely at your local health food store or you can order it on Amazon....

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Healing Solutions Rapid Healing for Concussions

Aloha. My name is Beth Daniel and I’m the founder of Healing Solutions. We do the finest work in energy medicine in the world today. The most comprehensive and the quickest. We will work with people, on the phone, all over the world. Basically each day, we have...

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Isn’t My Epstein Barr Virus Gone by Now?

Aloha, I am Beth Daniel the founder of Healing Solutions. Healing Solutions, if you don’t know, is the finest work in remote energy medicine around the world, to help people clear any issue rapidly and effectively. I want to talk to you today about Epstein Barr Virus....

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Causes & Solutions for Bed-wetting in Children

I’m Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Healing Solutions. Children wetting the bed is one of the topics that we are asked about regularly by parents. Typically, boys wet the bed more often than girls, so we end up working more with boys, but everything discussed here works...

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Coconut Dental Floss – Yum!

My name is Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Healing Solutions. One of the issues that comes up very often, maybe more often than anything else, is chronic conditions being caused by dental problems. Every tooth is on a different meridian in the body system. So, for...

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A Simple Solution to Increase Lymphatic Flow

My name is Beth Daniel Jones, founder of Healing Solutions. One of the health issues that we run across no matter where people are from, is sluggish lymphatic flow. Many people have sluggish lymphatic movement for a variety of reasons. Pathogens, toxins, lack of...

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